Trust Your Compass.

Welcome! I’m Kevin Bulmer, Canada’s Most Carefree Keynote Speaker and President of NSM Brand Media.

I am The No Schedule Man.

I believe we all desire and deserve to live and work happy. I also feel we all have our own unique voice and story to shape, share and celebrate and that we won’t find our treasure by following someone else’s map.

Anyone who considers themselves to be a “No Schedule” man or woman is perfectly content to go their own way not knowing what’s next. But most of us aren’t like that.

Most of us say we want to “be ourselves,” to live and work on our own terms. But precious few of us actually do. We’re scared. We don’t fully trust ourselves. So we follow. We become parrots. Copies. Clones.

And that’s okay. We’re all just doing our best!

But you won’t find your real treasure following someone else’s map. Nor will you enjoy the adventure as much as you should.

And you deserve to enjoy this adventure.

You deserve to live and work happy.

I’m here to encourage and support you along the way.

Much love,

Kevin Bulmer

PS – Always remember: no plan is all part of the plan!

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As your “social sales rep,” we believe every business, organization and individual has a unique and original voice that deserves celebrating and sharing. Differentiation and emotional connection come not just from what you do, how you do it or even why, but from who you uniquely are.

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