Hi! I’m Kevin. I’m a keynote speaker and facilitator who specializes in strategic social media marketing and effective messaging for small-to-midsize businesses along with with REAL goal achievement & workplace wellness.

My years of varied experience have made me uniquely equipped to relate to people in small-to-midsize business, as evidenced by feedback like this:

“In our decade of producing some of Canada’s largest and most enthusiastic business development conferences, Kevin is easily our most well-reviewed seminar series. He’s a world-class speaker that consistently delivers entertaining, captivating, and valuable keynotes to our audience. We’re looking forward to bringing him back by popular demand.” – John Reiser, Better Events Management

A certified life and executive coach, I’m the owner/founder of NSM Brand Media, a creative agency that helps small business owners master their marketing message and create meaningful content that connects with real people.

I’m also the author of “Script Change: A Look at Unlearning and Rewriting Life” and the creator and host of the  “Little Engines” Small Business Support Community and the “Little Engines LIVE” networking event series.

Reach out with any questions. And as always, no matter what hill it is you’re trying to climb, please remember:

We think you can.

photo of Kevin Bulmer - Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

The "Little Engines" Small Business Support Community

Want to make new connections & get ongoing support?

We think you can.
The “Little Engines” is a small business support community led by Kevin and monitored by the NSM Brand Media team. This private group is complimented by in-person events called “Little Engines LIVE,” a uniquely uplifting small business support and networking event series

Who it’s for:

– Small businesses, not-for-profits and community groups.
– Solopreneurs and creative souls.
– Sales reps & independent agents (e.g., car dealerships, insurance agents, real estate, financial, B2B).
All Aboard!

NEW! "How to Achieve REAL Success with Social Media for Small Business." (Online program)

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It’s everything you need to start achieving REAL Success with social media for your small-to-midsize business.

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NSM Brand Media

A creative agency helping small business owners master their marketing message and create meaningful content that connects with real people.

We believe every business, organization and individual has a unique and original voice that deserves celebrating and sharing. Differentiation and emotional connection come not just from what you do, how you do it or even why, but from who you uniquely are. We’ll help you discover, celebrate and share that in a way that helps both you and your business to grow.

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