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Strategic Marketing & Mindset Solutions

Welcome. I’m Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, author of “Script Change: A Look at Unlearning & Rewriting Life,” producer & host of the momondays London inspirational event series and host of the podcast, “Journeys with the No Schedule Man.”

Day-to-day, I work as a Strategic Marketing & Mindset Coach and Keynote Speaker helping entrepreneurs find (their) ‘REAL’ success so they can feel free to live and work happy.

My overarching purpose is uplift through a shared example of continual growth.

Together, we can mine and unleash the significance and power in your true self and stories.

Your unique mission.

Your creative gifts.

Your original voice.

Most of us say we want to stand out. Few of us actually do. We don’t fully trust ourselves. We become parrots. Copies. Clones.

And that’s okay. We’re all just doing our best.

But you won’t find your real treasure following someone else’s map. Nor will you enjoy the adventure as much as you should.

Would you like help finding it?

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Much love,


PS – You’re much closer to it than you might think …

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