Are Radio & TV Still Relevant? | Be Real Do Better - The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 12 - Kevin Bulmer -

Are Radio & TV Still Relevant? | Be Real Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 12

Are Radio & TV Still Relevant? | Be Real Do Better - The Small Business Marketing Show, Ep. 12Are radio and TV still relevant, effective advertising options for local, small-to-midsize businesses?

In radio’s case, I might argue that it’s survived in spite of itself, simply because of the fundamental fact of how easy it’s always been to access (you can’t watch TV in the shower, in the car or while you’re out for a jog … or at least, you probably shouldn’t) and availability (it’s always been free to listeners).

But with advertising as radio’s sole source of revenue, staff and service cutbacks are putting the industry perilously close to becoming awash in completely automated look-a-likes (sound-a-likes?). As long as there are enough local people listening, it can still work for advertisers, but the service and quality of delivery (both on the air and behind the scenes) are getting thinner with every cutback and corporate “efficiency.”

TV, on the other hand, is a long way removed from the rabbit-eared days of gathering around the family set to watch a certain show at a certain time on a certain night. Its audience is aging (according to this NY Times article, the median viewer age for this past season’s most popular broadcast show, “Roseanne,” was 52.9 years) and, in many cases, ratings are declining. Fast.

That will mean more to national advertisers before it impacts local businesses. But the wave has long since been set in motion and it will reach the local advertising shores sooner or later. What then?

Recently, many in the television industry have come together to create an ad campaign to argue their continued relevance (See: “The Television Industry Unites For Its First National Campaign Touting The Power of TV Ads” by Jason Lynch of AdWeek).

I’ve also recently been hearing a radio commercial – broadcast on traditional radio – that essentially suggests that radio’s been around forever and will continue to be. And perhaps it will be (frankly, I hope it is). But remember, I’m not asking whether or not traditional radio or TV will continue to survive on the local level. What I’m asking is: For a local, small-to-midsize business, are they still relevant? Are they effective advertising options?

In the markets close to me, I believe the answer is still “yes” (perhaps that’s the old radio broadcaster in me coming out) but only if it’s done well and so long as you’re setting yourself up to capture, compound and scale that investment, which I don’t see from very many small business advertisers.

In this episode, we cover:

– A quick overview on the economic reality of traditional radio and how that ultimately effects local advertisers.

– Why it’s a good idea to not have you advertising eggs all in one traditional basket.

– The critical mistake many small-to-midsize advertisers are currently making, and what I’d recommend doing while you’re still investing in traditional media.

Key Takeaway:

If we’re going to make an investment, don’t we want to see it grow?

Ask yourself: How many of your advertising eggs are in the traditional radio and TV basket?

Are you creating your own content?

Are you building your own distribution channel?

Are you using your investment in radio and television to send targeted traffic to a place where you can connect and then continue the conversation?

If not, give me a call. I can help you with that.

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