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“Be Flat” (Song Blog Demo, Vol. 4)

Kevin Bulmer Song Blog IconThis latest entry into the Song Blog is part of my rock & roll bucket list project, Mutineer. In my pursuit of that dream, I’m inviting people to follow along the journey with me. If you’re at all interested in goal-setting and achievement and applying the law of attraction, have a look at that project to see how it develops! You can read more about the Mutineer “Rock Your Life” project by visiting the website.

As for this particular song, humble though this home demo may be, it is a kick to hear it built out even just to this extent, and it’s gratifying to finally have a little bit of an audible example of what I’ve been working on with the Mutineer project to share with other people.

Under the Influence

The Trews in March of 2016

The Trews, in a photo I took of them at a concert in March of 2016.

“Be Flat” was originally conceived in early 2011. I was listening to a lot of The Trews music at the time. But then, I listen to The Trews, a terrific rock band from Eastern Canada, just about anytime! One of my  favorite songs back then was a track of theirs called “Love Is The Real Thing.” Like “Be Flat,” “Love Is The Real Thing” is a simple little pop-rock song with a pretty infectious hook. It starts with just percussive, repetitive note on the electric guitar before the song builds (for the life of me, I cannot understand how that song was not released as a single, but it was not). So I suppose you could say that my song was heavily influenced by The Trews (among others, I suspect).

I recall sitting on the edge of my bed with my guitar and just percussively strumming a note in B Flat. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted this song arranged, because it almost seemed too simple. The other beef I had with it was that the lyrics offered no clear title. So I started calling it “B Flat” but without the “E” after the “B,” simply because the first chord in the song is B Flat. Listening to it now, if you have a keen ear, you might say, “Well Kevin, that note is actually ‘A.'” You’d be right, except that it sounds like that  because the guitar is tuned a half step down. And the chord I’m playing on the electric guitar is actually a B-Flat chord (although, I guess that if the guitar is tuned down it’s not a B-flat cord at all: it’s an ‘A’ chord with different tuning. Anyway, you get my point).

What’s In a Name?

After a while of the song sitting around without any title, I recognized that the tone of the lyrics was of someone that was feeling pretty “flat.” It’s a stretch, I’ll grant you, but what I decided to do at that point was put the “E” after the “B” and then just call it “Be Flat,” fully intending to come up with a proper name for it at some point later on.

Well, it now happens to be one of my older son’s favorite songs and so we have been referring to it as “Be Flat” for a long time. Although it’s a kind of wonky title, it would seem strange to change it now.

What Would You Call It?

Looking at the lyrics (below), what would you call it? There’s a challenge for you!

I also recall that, at first, I was not sure what I wanted to do with this song. It feels more like a pop song and doesn’t sound anywhere near as heavy as some of the other Mutineer songs are. But it fits the theme lyrically and I figured it might be neat to have a melodic little pop number as part of the group of songs. We’ll see how it mixes in with the rest as I get to them. Meantime, I hope you like it! Let’s see how it continues to evolve and change as this process goes along!

Stream the song on SoundCloud by clicking here or on the image below.

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Be Flat
By Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN | ASCAP)
©2011 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises

Somebody wake me
Won’t somebody shake me
And get me away from this crazy dream

It isn’t quite fair
Waking in a nightmare
Nothing really is like the way that it seems

At my attention
Is that I’m in detention
For trying to keep along with the golden rule

I didn’t waste it
And you didn’t face it
And I’m not sure who is really the fool

And I don’t know that I can explain
How a heart could ever heal from so much pain
And it’ll never ever be the same
But I know one way or the other
It’ll be okay

Can be a big load
Shoulderin’ the high road
When nobody else is makin’ a fuss

I’m gettin’ queasy
Seeing how easy
It was for you to throw me under the bus

And I don’t know that I can explain
How a heart could ever heal from so much pain
And it’ll never ever be the same
But I know one way or the other
It’ll be okay

And now the fellow in the mirror’s
Coming in a little clearer
And he looks a little lost
With a little bit a fear
Yeah, but the shadow of integrity’s
Exactly where it’s supposed to be

And you know that he’ll be back
His soul is still intact
They took everything else
But they ain’t never gettin’ that …

And I don’t know that I can explain
How a heart could ever heal from so much pain
And it’ll never ever be the same
But I know one way or the other
It’ll be okay

Somebody wake me
Won’t somebody shake me
And get me away from this crazy dream

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10 Responses to ““Be Flat” (Song Blog Demo, Vol. 4)

  • Kevin, this is a fantastic cover man. Seriously listening to it 3-4 times man, good work!

    I’d love to see more of your work, this type of music really vibes with me (sort of an alt rock reminds me a little of Stone Temple Pilots, are you familiar?). Is YouTube the best way to check that out, or do you have albums out? Thanks!

    • Wow, Ryan, those are very kind things to say. Thank you!

      Sure, I know about STP. Interesting thought. I never considered that.

      I’ve put out 3 CDs that are pretty much acoustic. They’re all on the “Kevin’s Music” page here, and also available on iTunes and my Soundcloud feed. This particular song, “Be Flat,” is part of my rock song bucket list project called “Mutineer,” which has its own site and social channels. Best way to keep up-to-date with it is go here: https://bit.ly/2czP6OL

      Thank you again for your kind words. I truly appreciate that.

      Best wishes,


  • Hey Kevin! Nice song you’ve got there.

    I like the lyrics and I hope somewhere in the near future you will start to make also a video with the song! What is it called the program which you used to make the guitar song and the other background songs? If it was my song I think I would simply name it “Time to wake up” or “time for action”. Anyway keep up with the good work!

    Best regards,


    • Thanks Andrei! Those are interesting suggestions. I appreciate it. Thank you.

      I recorded that song with a program called Cubase. The drum loop is a program called EZDrummer (which I’ve not yet really learned, hence no change in the track throughout the whole song). The bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and my vocals were all recorded separately. I just did it all in my basement at home 🙂

      Thanks for your encouragement.

      Be well,


  • Sofiane
    4 years ago

    Amazing web site keep the hard work 🙂

  • Cat Pillar
    4 years ago

    That’s yours?
    Only one thing to say …. : WOW!

    And thank you.
    Call it Crazy Love?

    • That’s very kind of you. Thank you!

      Interesting title suggestion!!

      Best wishes,


  • Mohammad Makki
    4 years ago

    Another awesome song, Kevin! I really identified with this one. It hit all the right notes, literally! It sure is tough taking the straight and narrow path in times like these, especially when so many people seem to ignore the rules.

    Hey, that’s a name. “Straight and Narrow.” Hmm, maybe not. Or how about “Shadow of Integrity?” “Golden Rule?” I know those last two are lyrics, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fit for the role. Just don’t go with the current title, please!

    Looking forward to the next one Kevin!

    • “Shadow of Integrity.” I really like that!!

      I don’t know if my oldest son will like it if I change the title now. We’ll have to see. I really like that suggestion, though. Thanks! And thanks for the kind words. That’s really nice of you to say.

      Best wishes,


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