Becoming a Resiliency Ninja: Allison Graham - No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 32 -

Becoming a Resiliency Ninja: Allison Graham – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 32

No Schedule Man Podcast Episode 32 - Allison GrahamAllison Graham is a business growth consultant, speaker and best-selling author. She has been featured as an authority on sales and networking and has worked with some of North America’s most influential brands. At the time of our conversation, she was just about to release a book called “Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to be Resilient When Life Sucks.”

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Our podcast discussion came just about at the time of the creative culmination of the book, keynote speaking and related business launch that she had first conceived of more than six years prior. Though Allison has achieved and enjoyed a significant level of success helping businesses – and business people – become more effective with their sales and networking, as you will hear, she has long had a passion for wanting to contribute to the personal development field in an effort to be a help to others. We came across each other’s paths at a very exciting and interesting time in her journey and if what Allison shared in this discussion is any indication, she is sure to knock it out of the park with the next phase of her adventures.

Some of the key things Allison has taken from her journey that I encourage you to listen for in this discussion include:

1. Identifying and Re-Voicing what she calls “The Internal Messenger of BS.” As she said, “If we ever spoke to somebody else in front of us the way that we speak to ourselves, about ourselves, they would probably punch us!”

2. Awareness. More specifically, self-awareness. As Allison said during the course of our conversation, “I wish I had been self-aware enough to know that I needed a break.”

3. Forgiveness. This is such a HUGE piece of the puzzle, one that in my opinion is missing for many of us. Applying responsibility and forgiveness together is the only path to emotional freedom I’ve discovered so far. Allison seems to feel the same way.

”What it takes to forgive is a very long journey but you let go in an instant. And I remember the instant that I let go. And so from that moment, the healing, I believe, really truly began.”

– Allison Graham

Allison’s is a remarkable story filled with all kinds of caring, authentic and valuable bits of hard-earned perspective that are sure to serve you well as you reflect upon your journey and road ahead also.

Here is the conversation with Allison Graham. Enjoy!


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Comments: Can You Relate to Allison?

Can you relate to Allison? What was a time when you caught yourself listening to that “Internal Messenger of BS” and how did you overcome it? When were you able to forgive someone or something, let go and move on?  What happened as a result? What is an example of a time you proved to yourself that you, too, are a “Resiliency Ninja?”

Please add your thoughts to the Comments Section, below.

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11 Responses to “Becoming a Resiliency Ninja: Allison Graham – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 32

  • matts mom
    4 years ago

    I have to literally give myself a pep talk when I end up with the “Internal messenger of BS”. Or my sweet son, who can tell when I get like this, does this as well and gives me a pep talk. I guess I am pretty hard on myself, more so than anybody else. Comes with being too much of an overachiever and perfectionist I guess. But I am working on being a little more lax 🙂

    • Easier said than done, huh? I know what you mean 🙂
      Wishing you well!

  • Thanks for this interesting post and podcast. I can definitely relate to the ideas of the “internal BS messenger” and the power of forgiveness. It’s SO true that if we treated others the way we treat ourselves, who would like us? Who would be there for us? Who would want to? So many awful things in this world start from the inner critic eviscerating our inner child.

    And yeah, there’s no progress without forgiveness. Without it, we’re stuck in the same patterns, repeating past acts. We will inevitably hurt ourselves and others, and make mistakes, and accepting this inevitability is the first part of forgiveness, I think.

    • Hi Penny,
      Wow – I love what you just shared, “Eviscerating our inner child” is SO well put! That’s what we do!!!
      Thank you very much for visiting and sharing thoughts thoughts. I’m very grateful!
      Best wishes,

  • I constantly remind myself and my wife that life is a marathon and not a sprint, and your right about how we may speak to ourselves, but is that the true human condition? Like our main instinct is to survive then thrive, do we not need to give ourselves abit of tough love. While also trying to balance it with good enough is good enough. Thanks for the cast some nice things there to think about.

    • Hi Travis,
      Thanks for the visit and the comments! Yes, you make an interesting point: negative self-talk seems to have become the default human condition.
      And that, right there, is the challenge. Should be the other way around: positive self-talk mixed with total accountability (“tough love”) would seem to me to be a much more sustainable way forward.
      Wishing you well!

  • Lorraine
    4 years ago

    Oh my God ! I was meant to hear your story Allison. I work at Edgar & Joes on King @Innovation works . Would love to chat further, coffee is on me :). Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading your book . Have a great day !

    Thank you for your inspiration

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Thank you for listening and for taking the time to visit and leave your thoughts here. I’ll make sure Allison knows you’ve left these very kind remarks for her. I just saw her earlier tonight, in fact!
      I’m sure you’ll love her book.
      Wishing you all the very best,

  • Lorraine
    4 years ago

    A journey is a destination and I would love to come along !

  • Celtiyote
    4 years ago

    Imagine how the world would be if more of us spent time approving of ourselves instead of criticizing ourselves? Criticizing ourselves doesn’t tend to work very well, does it? It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to us all the time, and that someone really shouldn’t be our own selves! Amnd I agree that forgiveness, and self-forgiveness, a crucial part of the journey. Thanks for sharing!

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