Becoming an Anti-Racism Coach – Podcast featuring Anti-Racsim Coach, Rumina Morris

Becoming an Anti-Racism Coach - Rumina Morris, Ep 111Rumina Morris is an Anti-Racism Coach. She helps leaders understand racism in relation to their organizational culture. She spent most of her career in leadership roles where she developed and sustained inclusive cultures aligned with corporate values. With a background in social work, Rumina uses her knowledge of human behaviour to help leaders explore their own biases which may be limiting their ability to effectively lead.

Podcast episode with Anti-Racism Coach, Consultant & Speaker, Rumina Morris

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Rumina was born and raised in Cambridge, England. She grew up as a South Asian Muslim in a city with a deep history of elitism and a distinct lack of diversity.  Her early years were shaped by learning to navigate each and every space as being different.

In her teens, she and her family immigrated to Canada. There, they joined extended family that had previously fled East Africa.  Living in one of the most diverse cities in Canada, she was able to see up-close how inequities and injustice play out in society.  Along the way, Rumina developed a deep sense of social justice and advocacy. As a result, she pursued a career in social work. She is now passionate about effecting change.

Today, equity work is Rumina’s sole focus and purpose.  And in this podcast, she describes how her social identity has encouraged her to behave in a racist manner while also being harmed by racism at the same time. She feels that her gift is her ability to bridge those who are seeking a deeper understanding of their complacency with those who have been harmed by oppression.

Rumina’s expertise in equity and inclusion work, specifically anti-racism, helps to support individuals, families, organizations and the community at large.

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