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Can One Person Make a Difference? [Video]

By July 15, 2016January 25th, 20184 Comments

YouTubeStoryFeaturePhotoWow. A lot of bad news seems to be going around the world these days. Some terrible things are going on. What can we possibly do about it? Can one person make a difference?

Absolutely! The question is, what difference do you want to make?

Think about the last time you felt really good. How many people did you come across that day? Do you think you were better off around them in a positive state of mind? Or would you have better served them by sending off negative energy? How do you think that person was affected by your presence, and how many people might they later come across that they could potentially affect in turn?

Living on the Edge?

It’s impossible to know the exact residual benefits of our interactions with others. But we know it exists. We all know people who cause us to feel edgy and ill-at-ease as soon as they arrive on the scene. And yet, we also treasure people that seem to magically make an entire room of people feel lighter just through their presence.

Here’s the thing about the ones who make things edgy: they’re probably not as happy as they think they are. That “edge” is taking more out of them than it is us, but they probably don’t even realize it. As for your response to them, that’s a choice. You can choose to accept the negative energy or you can choose to put positive vibrations out into the world, even in the face of bad news and despair.

For yourself. For anyone you come across: What does the world need more of? Well, what you give is what you get. And cheerfulness costs nothing to give, but pays back in a big way.

Your Smile is Your “A-Game.” Bring it.

When the news gets bad, it’s natural to temporarily lose hope. But please consider, that’s when we need your positive spirit more than ever. Please don’t take your smile to the sidelines. We need you in the game.

Here’s a quick story of one very simple way a person I know makes a difference to me, just by being exactly who he is. Do  you know someone like this? Let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Ryan says:

    Positivity really is all that matters isn’t it? Life is what you focus on, I truly believe that.

  • Ibrahim Braimah says:

    I could not agree more. The difference a kind act that means absolutely nothing to you could mean to someone else, can be unbelievable. Why not just show love to others? It only makes you a happier person any way.
    Great post

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Ibrahim,
      That’s it exactly. We just never know, but making that sincere human connection is most often a win-win either way.
      Thanks for visiting!

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