Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Facing Life With Resilience: Sheila Stevenson - NSM Podcast, Ep. 17 -

Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Facing Life With Resilience: Sheila Stevenson – NSM Podcast, Ep. 17

Sheila Stevenson with Kevin BulmerWhat a treat it was to spend some time with Sheila Stevenson! An Author, Speaker, Human Potential Life Coach and overall wonderful person, Sheila specializes in emotional wellness, helping people make the changes they need to achieve what they desire in life. In a lot of cases, that desire is a moment or two of peace of mind and heart, and a building sense of hope.

Sheila endured abuse of every kind as a child. She has turned that experience into a means of helping people and to celebrate her own personal transformation. Her spirit is kind and gentle. Her story is extraordinary, and it’s not just for people who have been affected by abuse.

Anyone who’s ever wondered, “Is there a better way to live?” will benefit from hearing what Sheila Stevenson has to share.

Sheila StevensonDoing Great Work

As a Life Coach, Sheila works with people to help overcome a variety of traumas, attain a sense of purpose and achieve their goals and dreams. As a Speaker, she shares her story, From Trauma Through the Lessons into Joy! – and talks about how Child Abuse Affects Families, Work and Our Communities.

As an Author, Sheila created an autobiographical workbook of healing, written for survivors, for their loved ones who want to understand the subject matter, and for therapists to use as a tool. The book, originally titled, “HOPE for Survivors of Childhood Abuse,” has since been given an updated title for its second edition. It’s currently known as “Let Your Light Shine! Learn how to overcome the effects of childhood abuse.”

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Lessons Learned

Among the things that stood out to me from my conversation with Sheila were:

  1.  The incredible power of LOVE, or even holding on to the idea of love, and what it can pull you through.
  2. Shine a Light, to borrow a phrase from the 2nd edition of her book. If we keep bad things in the dark, they will remain as they are: unseen, not dealt with, not processed, not prepared for, not discussed … not eliminated. Make change. Shine the light.
  3. Learning about ourselves is a lifelong journey. It is amazing, what we can carry around with us without knowing why. Listen for Sheila’s story about why she hated winter for so long, and what’s happened since she realized why.

Sheila shared some very profound thoughts in this conversation, including her suggestion of the idea that it’s possible to enjoy a journey the serves us, rather than depletes us. Think about that for a few moments. Consider your own life, and really give that idea some thought.

You’re going to love Sheila! Here are the episode links:

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12 Responses to “Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Facing Life With Resilience: Sheila Stevenson – NSM Podcast, Ep. 17

  • What an uplifting and empowering story! It is truly amazing the things that people can recover from. And I can’t agree more with the idea that self-learning is a lifelong journey that never ends! In regards to shining a light on problems from our past, do you have any recommendations on how to do that? Is it something that we can do as an individual, or do you think it is necessary to get our friends and families involved?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your time and thoughtful comments. I’m grateful! I know Sheila will appreciate it too, when she sees it.

      “Shining a light” on major issues from the past, if it’s anything like what Sheila went through, is probably best done with the help of a professional, in my humble opinion. But what I was more referring to are more those everyday thoughts – you know all those times when you have something on your mind, a question or a worry you’re wrestling with, but you don’t speak up? We do this to ourselves all the time. We keep things in the dark because we feel uncomfortable discussing them. And when we push them down, we just become more uncomfortable.

      Sheila tells a story in our conversation about people being wary of the subject of childhood abuse. Understandably so. It’s very uncomfortable. But it’s going on. And Sheila’s point was that if it isn’t brought to light, it will keep happening, kept being kept in the dark, just like so many other things.

      Thanks again for your time and comments.

      Best wishes,


  • Shelia truly is great. Hopefully someday I can put a lot of these pieces of advice to use. I can really learn a lot more about myself as she was saying. I’m still young and I want to learn about myself now. I also hate the winter and I don’t have a definite answer as to why. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Ryan! Winter’s a tough one regardless, unless you love skiing or snowmobiling!

  • Summerly
    4 years ago

    Great podcast and very inspiring. I find it interesting how someone could go through so much and yet still have the attitude that she does now, although she mentioned she lived with negative comments of herself for many years. It seems though, once you find your way out of dark and negative aspects then you can live a fulling and rewarding life. I would imagine that it takes a strong person to realize the negative ideas and thoughts are wrong, and then actually do something about that to change it. I will need to start trying to do this. It seems much easier to tell yourself you are stupid or dumb when you do something wrong, which I find myself doing at times. I need to change that voice into something positive! Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks, Summerly. I believe you’re right: it’s a shame that it should feel “normal” to have those negative, self-judging thoughts nattering at us all the time. Such a shame, when the opposite is possible. All we can do is choose which we want to pay attention to and work at it every day.
      Wishing you all the best,

  • Lawrence Gregory
    4 years ago

    This post is incredible, it really is!

    Sheila is such an inspiration and it’s wonderful that she is channelling our creativity into helping others.

    You are doing amazing things with your website Kevin, I see very powerful and positive things happening for you =)


    • Very kind of you to say, Lawrence. Thank you!
      Best wishes,

  • Mohammad Makki
    4 years ago

    Hey Kevin! You just keep finding great podcast guests. Sheila’s story is very engrossing. I always love when things work out. She suffered some pretty big drawbacks, I’ll say. Of course, the abuse aspect is the most disheartening, but I’d say she made absolute best of that experience with her book. I think she’s right. People have to confront these problems instead of walking away.

    The book part was particularly effective. Since I’m also procrastinating on my book, hearing how Sheila finally started on hers was really inspiring.

    Gotta disagree with her on winter though. That’s the best season. Something about it just feels right. Keep the interviews coming Kevin!

    • Thank you, Mohammad. That’s very kind of you to say. And hey, I’m glad you love winter! You may as well!

      I appreciate your thoughtful remarks.

      All best wishes,


  • Sheila Stevenson
    4 years ago

    Wow! Kevin, once again I have to say “Thank You” for your time to interview me. We have always had a strong connection, even though we don’t see each other for months, even years in between. Sharing your story with me was inspiring, and it appears that our interview has had a positive impact on others. Thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments. And, I just want to say that if anyone is interested in exploring how coaching can help with their goals, desires and hopes, please give me a call or send me an email. Let’s have a gentle and no-pressure discussion. Being coached was certainly one of the major and most positive changes in my life. Keep up your amazing work Kevin. You have a lot of wisdom you are sharing. Good for you and good for us all. Until next time, Sheila

    • Thank you for your time, perspective and the incredible gift of sharing your experiences and wonderful, kind heart and spirit with all of us, Sheila. We’re so grateful and wish you only the best that life can give. You deserve that and more.
      Wishing you health and happiness always,

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