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“Dead Stormtroopers” – It Means Nothing …Right? | Kevin Bulmer

By June 24, 2017January 25th, 20186 Comments

Kevin Bulmer Video Blog - Dead StormtroopersThe more work I do on my mindset and really building an awareness of what I’m thinking, why I’m thinking what I’m thinking, why I believe what I believe, what I’m believing in, how certain things are effecting me, how I feel about what I choose to take in and observe … the more I do that, the more I’m starting to notice things that just never even came across my mind before. Here’s one example.

I would have been three years old when the first Star Wars movie came out. A New Hope, that was in 1977. I never even gave a second thought to the part at the end when the battle station, where all the bad guys are (it’s called the “Death Star”),  when it explodes with everybody on it. Never even crossed my mind that there were actually people caught up in that explosion. It was a jubilant moment. Everybody in the theater was cheering.

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40 years later when I was watching the more recent film, the movie called Rogue One, it did cross my mind. I thought, “Man, there’s a lot of death here. There are a lot of people getting killed.” There’s another entire inhabited planet that gets blown up!

And these poor guys, the Stormtroopers, they take it on the chin in that film. They’re getting blown up, tossed through the air, kicked, punched, shot. There’s even a scene when it looks like a bunch of the Stormtroopers are dead but apparently one of them isn’t quite, and he or she starts to get up and raises their head just as the good guys are coming by and one of which looks down, point blank points a gun and … bang: shoots the Stormtrooper right in the head. And the moment actually comes off as one of humor in the movie. At least according to the people that were in the theater. People laughed at that, but if you actually stop and think about that for a second …

One site that I saw suggested that there were maybe 30-thousand or more Stormtroopers on that initial Death Star that exploded. That’s a lot of death.

In the film The Force Awakens, which was a couple of years ago from the time that I’m recording this, one of the good guys is a character named Finn. Now the interesting thing about Finn, I think, is that he was born and raised to be a Stormtrooper, one of the bad guys. But when he’s thrown out into the field of battle for the first time and asked to unload his weapon on innocent people, he finds he can’t do it. Just couldn’t do it (a lot of those innocent people get slaughtered in that scene by the way). So what Finn does is he helps one of the good guys escape so that he can get away and be on the good side.

My point about mentioning him is that he was a Stormtrooper. That whole back story establishes that there are people underneath these helmets who are just getting killed by the dozens, by the hundreds, by the thousands.

Just out of curiosity, I tossed in to Google “How many Stormtroopers die in Star Wars” and I was looking for kind of an aggregate number from like A New Hope onward. I didn’t dig very hard. One site that I saw suggested that there were maybe 30-thousand or more Stormtroopers on that initial Death Star that exploded. That’s a lot of death.

And it’s not just the Stormtroopers either. A lot of the good guys and girls go down. And I’m not trying to talk down on the movies. I like these movies! I love the Star Wars films, the superhero movies, the Transformers films, the Pirates films. I’ve just been thinking … there’s a lot of death in stuff that we take our families to, isn’t there?

Now I can already hear people, “Kevin, grow up, get a life. It’s fantasy, it doesn’t have any effect on us.”

We’re sure about that?

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  • Mamasir says:

    Thanks Kevin – Excellent article I really liked the video made for the same. I’m gonna get this storm troopers after seeing the video 🙂 and your content is more attractive and rich to read. Keep well and keep writing. Cheers

  • Clyde says:


    Like you, I had not even thought about the death involved with the storm troopers.

    Possibly, people do not react because the storm troopers have a mask and therefore
    do not look like a real “person”

  • Paula says:

    Hi Kevin and thanks much for the review on the Star Wars films. I was amazed with the first of the bunch when it came out. It was such an adventure! I agree that we have become so conditioned in our minds and spirit to think it’s ok to expose ourselves as well as our children to such chaos. Even though lots of films seem so innocent, if we pay attention, we will realize, even mid stream, what the “real” story, behind the scenes is all about. Not good for the brain to constantly take in negative information through our eyes and ears. I was actually quite disappointed in this last of the series. Anyway, I appreciate your review and have found it rather interesting to read. :o)

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Paula,
      Thanks so much for your note. I’m glad you found it interesting.
      Wishing you well!

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