How To Keep Calm – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 21 -

How To Keep Calm – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 21

How to Keep CalmLife happens, every single day and to each and every one of us. And so it seems rather amazing that, given our collective experience, we would not yet have fully figured out how to stop making things so incredibly difficult for ourselves sometimes. Too often, we give fuel to further chaos by how we choose to react to the inevitable in the present.

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Through the course of a lifetime we are going to be faced with countless interruptions, disappointments and calamities that we would just as soon avoid or not have to deal with it all. But they happen, and for the most part, they are well beyond our control. So how do you navigate through those times without a complete disruption of your emotional equilibrium?

Awareness is a great first step. From there, there are some things that you can do and some tips and strategies that you can employ, to keep yourself calm and smooth the waters in both a present interruption and for encouraging calm seas ahead.

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In this podcast, I share some practical tips on how to keep calm, like the art of responding vs. reacting, the difference between the two and why it’s so important. I quickly explore meditation and how that helps, go over the “10-10-10 rule” and a few other things.

I also share a story from my Delaware Speedway management days as an example of how today’s chaos can become tomorrow’s stories. The particular incident I  described would be beyond my imagination to make up. But it’s a true story. Give it a listen, have a laugh at my expense and see it as proof that time does pass on, and that things that seem like a big deal right now will either fade or become fodder for discussion and, yes, entertainment.

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Some other episodes referred to in this podcast:

Episode 10 – David Ciccarelli (on the 10-10-10 rule)
Episode 12 – Jason Stephenson (on meditation)
Episode 15 – Sean Vigue (on how things loom large and then fade)

(Sidenote on the “10-10-10” –  It was first mentioned as a means of making decisions, and David Ciccarelli asked “would we be happy with it” rather than “will it matter,” as I suggested for the purposes of this episode. But it works well either way.)

What Are Your Stories?

What stories do you tell when friends and family get together; an example of something that was not much fun to manage at the time, but has become something you can laugh about now? Leave a comment below, and share any other tips you have for dealing with change and keeping calm. What you share may be a big help to someone else.

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12 Responses to “How To Keep Calm – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 21

  • Hi Kevin! Thank you for this article. It is soo great. It really helps to calm down. I love the 10-10-10 rule.
    These powerful lessons would actually everybody need. This type of life we are living nowadays is not really healthy.
    Best wishes


    • Thanks for your time and your comments, Andrew. I’m grateful.
      Wishing you the best,

  • Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for the awesome post and podcast. You share some great information that many people really should know.

    I see too many people that “react” instead of “respond”. I used to be one of those people, but I have been learning ways to improve and keep my cool. Your information definitely has taught me some new approaches I can take.

    I will be sharing this post with some people who I feel can really learn from you.

    Thanks so much for sharing this information, I will stay in touch!


    • Thank you, Chris. I appreciate your kind and encouraging remarks.
      I’m the same as you: a former serial reactor turn responder …most of the time. We’re all working on it in our own way.
      Wishing you well!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Very interesting post! I think it is very true of many of us being a reactor instead of a responder, I will be certainly looking at my own reactions from now on and turn them to a response.

  • I can attest to the reaction versus response bit. I applied “response” quite recently, as a matter of fact lol Definitely had an unforeseen circumstance. Although I reacted first, almost reflexively, I set to work to pursue something—ANYTHING I could do about the problem I was facing. It’s easy, when reacting to life happening, to let fear determine my decisions; which becomes anger. That unique kind of “just plain mad” when the thought of “Why of all times does this HAVE to happen NOW?! I’m not ready. I’m unprepared. I can’t compensate.” occurs. “Can’t” with that capital “C”.

    But! The problem was “addressable”. Coming to terms with all my problems sometimes NOT being solved and thus winning the battles I DO have some control over, makes a big difference in my mood. I’ve built proactive habits because of it. Maintaining a healthy mindset has become such a huge part of my life, that I cannot imagine the person I’d be without doing so.

    • Hi Dawn,
      That’s very well said. Thanks for sharing! You’ve outlined well how things can so quickly spin away from us, and compound the stress. I’m like you: investing in a healthy, positive mindset as much as possible. And even that I have to sometimes back away from, just to give life some breath and just “be.” I can truly relate to your thought of wanting to do something – anything – to help resolve discomfort. Sometimes, the only thing to do is be with it and allow it to sort itself out.
      Thanks for your time and thoughtful comments.
      All the best,

  • Grace | Work Anywhere Now
    4 years ago

    Hi Kevin,

    Loved your podcast! I too often react to situations instead of responding. I wish I could take a moment sometimes before I react but I hope I am getting better at controlling my feelings. I know our feelings are controlled by no one but ourselves. I had learned that people are the ones giving significance to situations and not the situation itself. Therefore, we can control how we perceive the situation and if we take a step back, we can see the situation as it is rather than having it wrapped up in your emotions.

    I definitely still have ways to practice how to respond calmly, but the more I get older, the more I see this is very controllable.

    Thanks for another great podcast!

    • Hi Grace,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. Wishing you well!

  • Will listen to the podcast at some point.
    What keeps me calm is simply thinking positive thoughts and practising ELP or tapping.

    • Thanks Josh. I’ve heard about tapping. Never tried it. I hope it’s working for you!

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