Want To Feel Better More of the Time & Get Consistently Stronger Results at Work?

The Situation:

You’re doing your best to navigate your business/organization through extremely challenging times.

Yet so many of us are suffering from chronic stress and uncertainty. Workers are dealing with unprecedented strain in balancing work and home life. It often cripples creativity and paralyzes productivity.

How can we possibly feel and be at our best even in the face of constant change?

What we think we need to do and feel better at work:

  • Different staff or suppliers.
  • More control, policies or procedures.
  • Market conditions to improve.
  • Motivation, willpower or the “power of positive thinking.”

All we really require is a basic understanding of …

  • What questions we need to be asking ourselves, and in what order.
  • Why the answers to those questions may be different than we think they should be, and why that’s so important.
  • Why we want any of the things we think we want (and there is only ever one simple answer).
  • How to identify what may be holding you back, and what to do about it.
  • The key ingredient that determines the results we get.

What does “happy” even mean when it comes to professional productivity?

How well do chronically “unhappy” people perform (and what effect do they have on others)?

This Half-Day session could change your life & work forever. It will leave you feeling uplifted, relieved, empowered and equipped for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Registration includes:

  • Half-day in-person session with Kevin Bulmer, keynote speaker, coach & president of NSM Brand Media.
  • Six-months unlimited access to our catalogue of 10 coaching videos to support you.
  • Printed copy of Kevin’s book, “Script Change: A Look at Unlearning & Rewriting Life.
  • Workbook.
Kevin Bulmer - Choosing to Live & Work "Happy" Workshop

Your presentation had a direct impact on many people, and lives will be changed for the better as a result. Your words were meaningful, inspiring, and relatable. Amazing job, I look forward to the next one!

Carey Brooks, CIBC

Kevin delivered such a powerful presentation that it seemed that the audience forgot to breathe while listening to him. The message he delivered was kind of magic … Kevin is passionate and has the gift of genuinely connecting and interacting with the audience. His presentation on how to run your own race is inspirational and empowering.

Cristina Sufrim, MPI Toronto

I think my exact words were, ‘I feel like I could lift a building right now,’ because I was just so empowered by your presentation … It blew me out of the water. It was what I was expecting and then some and more after that. It was really, really impressive. This is how we wanted to end the conference, leaving people feeling good, feeling empowered, walking away with a sense of, ‘Life may have handed me a couple curve balls, but I can make a change and I can make the most out of my situation.

Stephanie McGill, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of London & Region

In our communications leading up to our event, Kevin strived to understand what would be most meaningful to our participants. His message was positive, encouraging and very relatable. The sincerity of his personal approach and willingness to be vulnerable really allowed our group to connect with him.

Donna Bentz, Perth District Health Unit

My first impression was, ‘Wow. He’s good.’ He captured everybody’s attention. His content was right-on. It was awesome. When Kevin’s speaking, I can feel the connection with him. And if I can feel it, I’m sure everybody in the audience could too, because I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and the most important thing is to connect with everybody individually.

Bob Kittell, award-winning international speaker & author of “Enlighten Up”

Our thanks to Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, for his incredible presentation to our member agencies. Having personally heard Kevin speak at another gathering before inviting him to ours, I knew the choice was the correct one to make. All our representatives were truly inspired and most appreciative of his wonderful delivery skill, timing and great stories. And of course the incredible message he delivers. We look forward to working with Kevin again in the future.

Dan Xilon, Banque d’aliments Sudbury Food Bank (BDSFB)

It was wonderfully successful. People were really thrilled with some of the ideas they were getting to help move their organization forward. Kevin has a really calm but engaging way of communicating with people. The people in the audience were really involved in terms of listening and taking that nugget home that’s going to help them move forward. They liked the messaging and the idea to engage yourself and to accept and be at peace with who you are; to live and work to improve that but to stay that steady course.

Myles VanniExecutive Director, Inn of the Good Shepherd | Ontario Association of Food Banks Annual Conference

Kevin’s special appearance with our clients was completely emotionally empowering! His story resonated with everyone in the room as he walked us through his personal experience. The level of engagement and discussion after the session could have lasted for hours but lasting impact is still be discussed today. I cannot wait to work with Kevin again and hopefully have him join us for another session real soon.

Paul CampbellWIL Employment Services


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