Healing Grief & Loss, Connecting With Spirit: Jennifer Farmer - No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 26 - NoScheduleMan.com

Healing Grief & Loss, Connecting With Spirit: Jennifer Farmer – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 26

Jennifer FarmerJennifer Farmer is an intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher whose greatest passion is empowering you to embrace joy and inner peace through the deep healing of spiritual readings, teachings and guided meditations.

I first learned of her work a couple of years ago by way of one of her guided meditation videos on YouTube (copied below). Amidst my early exploration of a higher level of awareness and at the time I was first dipping my toes into the pool of an initial practice of meditation, I somehow found Jennifer’s voice, approach, and energy rather soothing and appealing. I have been a fan of her work ever since and am truly grateful that I got the chance to connect with her for this conversation.

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Among the many things that stood out for me from my time with Jennifer were:

  1. Choice over your view of your experience. She talked about deciding to view the world as a friendly place, and putting to use effective tools to maintain and nurture that view, such as counselling, meditation, prayer, action & service to others.
  1. The other side of that choice, and what it represents. She noted how some people choose to come at life through a lower energy frequency, using things like blame, guilt and regret to shape their view. In that case, Jennifer suggests that such a person is “learning to connect to life through suffering,” and she suggests that, while each of us will encounter some form of suffering along the way, how long we suffer can be optional. I find that hopeful and empowering.
  1. She shared three main things that are essential tools for success: Awareness, Learning How to Control Your Mind, and the Ability to Let Go & Renew, which we discussed at greater length.

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There was so much else to soak, such as what she shared about “Energy Management” and how “at a spirit level, we’re all the same.” I also noted when she shared that she gets messages when she’s in a calm state. I found that interesting, as I rarely feel inspired or intuitive when I’m frantic or exhausted.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Jennifer Farmer!

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Here are links to the videos I referenced in the podcast the guided meditations that led me to be familiar with Jennifer’s work:

Healing Meditation
Essential Meditation

Here’s the Healing Grief Meditation Practice Video Jennifer is offer to listeners of the No Schedule Man Podcast at no charge up through December 31, 2016:

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6 Responses to “Healing Grief & Loss, Connecting With Spirit: Jennifer Farmer – No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 26

  • Hi Kevin,
    I like your post, I’m feeling peacefull just reading this, it make me think that we must give some time of our live to profit of those things we got and relax. And you made it easy, you gaved us the right person with some videos, so thank you. And nice broadcast thank you for it too.
    Good luck

    • Thank you, Domenique. I appreciate the comments.
      Best wishes,

  • I liked the tools for success. Awareness is always a start on any journey. If you don’ know the problem then it’s hard to see how we are going to tackle it.
    Learning to control our mind is a hard step. I find that when you are in a habit of something it’s difficult to break that habit and move forward. It takes a whole lot of learning to break those habits that so negative. With loss, the healing takes time and reflection on the positives will help.

    I like how calm and soothing Jennifer is! She is an absolute wonder!

    • Hi Dinh,
      You’re right: awareness is a great start. You can’t work on what you’re not aware of.
      I agree with you about how calm & soothing Jennifer’s voice and spirit are!
      Wishing you well,

  • Hi Kevin,

    Great post mate. One of my favourite phrases I learned when trying to become more aware of my thoughts and actions was – If the only tool you have is a hammer, then you’ll only get nails. Always makes me stop and think about my attitude and my approach to situations. The one thing we can control in life is our thoughts be them negative or positive and this is something I have really been conscious of and trying to improve for about the last 12 months.

    Thanks for posting, and an excellent podcast too by the way.


    • Hi Adam,
      That’s a great quote! Thanks for sharing.
      Best wishes,

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