How I Got So Huggable – Jim Gilbert | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 50 -

How I Got So Huggable – Jim Gilbert | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 50

How I Got So Huggable – Jim Gilbert | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 50Since the late 1970’s, Jim Gilbert has been earning a reputation as Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer. Along with his wife Dawna, Jim has built a family-run business that is a shining example of what it means to never be afraid of standing in your own truth and believing in the magic of possibilities.

If you were to visit Jim Gilbert’s Wheels And Deals in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, you’d find a business – a business that sells used cars – that is a reflection of the values and the enormous hearts of the people who created and nurture it. Sitting on what they call “six acres of fabulous,” Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals is much, much more than a vehicle dealership. It’s a destination. It’s CANADA’s Huggable Car Dealer.

If you’re willing to do the extra, go the extra, smile and say yes when you’re asked, good things happen at the other end of it because it started me off on a very good life.

– Jim Gilbert

You’ll not only find wall-to-wall teddy bears, a carousel, the free popcorn and other Disneyeque touches at Wheels and Deals … but you’ll encounter a family atmosphere that lives and breathes the values of showing why it’s important to lift spirits and touch hearts each and every day; even if it’s just with a simple smile and hug.

Of course, the irony here is that the magic sauce is not in some catchy slogan, marketing gimmick or promotional trick. It’s all in the consistent implementation of ageless principles of kindness, appreciation and integrity.

In other words, in an age where common courtesy isn’t quite so comment, Jim and Dawna stand out and have built a well-deserved reputation over time for being exactly why they say they are: Huggable.

You’ll hear that right away when Jim begins telling his story. It’s remarkable, enjoyable and, well …. Huggable … and you’re going to love it.

Some of the key takeaways I took from Jim included:

  1. Working Weekends & Learning From the Customer – Listen for how Jim got his initial opportunities, and what he did to sell more boats than anyone else at the time.
  2. Shoot the Gun, Ride the Bullet – Jim’s become a master at “riding the bullet.” He’s learned to trust his intuition, take action, and figure it out as he goes.
  3. He Did What Everybody Else Did … Until He Didn’t – Jim describes how he eventually realized he was doing the same thing as everyone else in the used car business until he saw someone different he could model … and eventually surpass. He did this with his personal growth, too (listen for the Zig Ziglar tape story). This can only come from the curiosity of a growth mindset.

That’s so important: not knowing what you don’t know and knowing that you don’t know it.

– Jim Gilbert 

Here is the conversation exploring the journey of Jim Gilbert on the No Schedule Man Podcast:

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