Podcast interview on how to do what you love with Jim McCormick of Allstage

How To Do What You Love - Jim McCormick | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 7Ever wondered how you can do what you love? You’ve probably noticed there are others who do what they love what they do. But as you wake up each morning and grind into another day of making money for someone else, don’t you think about it?

Jim McCormick’s story will give hope to you if you’ve ever wondered how to do what you love. And Jim never even really considered doing what he loved until a change

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Jim McCormick is the founder of Allstage and the classic rock band, Bender. In this interview, Jim shares many interesting and fun stories, like how and he initially fell in love with drumming. He talks about how he burned out, why he gave up music for a long time and then eventually came back to it.

As it turned out, when Jim was forced to ask himself how to do what he loved, music a big part of the answer.

Jim also shares about how his award-winning band, Bender, came to be. He talks about how he managed through a forced career change later in life and what inspired and motivated him to create something completely new with Allstage.

And in a fun example of “you never know who you’re going to meet,” Jim recalls a fun, chance encounter with an interesting guest backstage at the Grey Cup several years ago.

In summary, Jim’s advice would be: do what you love. Here’s hoping his story inspires you to consider what that might be. And then take a step toward it.

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