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How to Get Ahead in Life? Get Started

By September 9, 2016January 25th, 201810 Comments

It’s a common theme that I hear from just about anyone who has achieved any of their goals, or asked themselves how to get ahead in life. Step one: just get started. Get moving, and you’ll figure it out as you go. It’s one of the scariest things to do, but also among the most exhilarating.

Why Wait?

Tortoise: Wanna Race?

So often we wait to do or change something until we think the timing is right. More often than not, the timing never ends up feeling exactly correct, and so that affords us the perfect excuse to sit back in our comfort zone as life continues to tick along. Either that, or the planets do finally line up, but when that moment arrives, it seems so sudden that we don’t think think we’re ready for it. We haven’t built the muscle or habit of seizing and/or creating opportunities. And so, we all have stories of how some things slipped through our fingers.

Dreamers Wish. Achievers Act.

Everyone I talk to who has accomplished something I admire has a similar tale: they just get started and trust themselves to keep taking the next step and figuring it out as you go. Whether it’s a musician, like my recent podcast guest, Chad Price, realizing he could sing and deciding to reach out to a major-league Producer to get his first album underway, or an accomplished business person like David Ciccarelli, who at first signed a book out of the library called “Website Development for Dummies.” Well, that “dummy” is now the CEO of a global web-based business, And Price got that album done (it’s called “In This Dream” and it’s fantastic), working with the Producer he desired, despite the fact that he was a complete and total newcomer to the music scene. He didn’t let what he didn’t know stop him.

So what’s holding you back?

I will admit, just getting going and “putting yourself out there” can be tough at first. I’ll give you an example.  This video:

I’m not very proud of that video. But I’m glad it’s there. I’ll tell you why.

I just recently started really trying to populate my YouTube feed with content. Important stuff, right? Well, maybe to me. But I’ve been meaning to put a “welcome” (trailer) video to my YouTube channel for a long time. I just had never got it started. So I set out to change that.

Preparation, or Paralysis Through Analysis?

I ordered a lavalier microphone to go with my smartphone so I could get good sound. I set up a backdrop and positioned some lights to help make it look professional. I created an opening for the video with a clip of my music and an image of the my Kevin Bulmer Enterprises logo. I also made a slide to go at the end of the video that showed all my social media channels. I scripted out my video and went to work.

Here’s what happened:

The mic didn’t work. I sent it back. I decided I’d sacrifice the sound quality for now, light the thing as best I could and capture it with my smartphone anyway.

Take 1 – It was decent. I recorded it with my smartphone. I edited it with the intro and extro and custom music opening. It wasn’t perfect but I was pleased enough. So I rendered the project into a video and … the audio on the finish product was full of pops and clicks. I turned to Google for solutions. I rendered the project twice more with different settings. Same result. I concluded the video editor did not like the audio from my smartphone. So gave up on that.

Take 2- I used a different video camera, one with a very good external mic. I re-did the video and put it into the my editing template. This time the audio rendered perfectly, but the video quality was dark and dreary compared to my smartphone footage. I thought it looked awful. So I gave up on that idea.

Take 3 – I finally thought, “To heck with it. You don’t need the intro and wrap up. You’re making excuses. Just get started.” So I took in the brightest room in my house – my kitchen, held my phone up in front of me and did this video. Satisfied I had something workable, I reviewed the footage, only to conclude that the echo of the kitchen sounded distant and poor. I gave up for the day.

Jump For It …

Kevin Bulmer Lyric SlideThe next day, I decided I was thinking about it waaaay too much.  I was burning too much daylight. I wanted to just get going. The only thing stopping me was my own expectation and my projection over what other people might think.

But really, who cares what they think? So I trimmed the video I just described and stuck it on YouTube. I got started. Even then … it took me all of what I just described before I finally got going. Eesh.

The good news is, the more you’re used to jumping into the pool, the easier it gets to go in again. But you’ve got to  jump that first time.

Well, I’ve jumped. With this site. With that video. With moving toward the life I desire, step by awkward step.

So tell me, what are you doing to do to, today, to get started? Please comment below and let me know.

Good luck! I’ll see you in the deep end.



  • Brandon says:

    Hello Kevin, this is the most valuable post I’ve seen and I bet many people will find this article useful. Many people are too scared to get started because they aren’t too sure if it will work for them or they think it’s a scam. But how do you know if it is or not without giving it a go? And if it doesn’t work for you then at least you got some valuable experience out of it, something that you keep for LIFE.

    Great post and keep it up.

    Kind regards,

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you for that, Brandon! Those are kind words and I sure appreciate it.
      I’m not too proud to say that I got this wrong for much of my adult life. I would either wait until I thought circumstances were “perfect” (they almost never are) or I would start out with such a firm expectation of result that I would miss new paths and diversions and generally not enjoy either the journey or the result. Now that I’ve realized the exhilaration of just jumping into the pool, I’d love to share with others so that they can feel the same. It’s clear to me with just about anyone I’ve observed that has been successful: they had to start somewhere, allowed themselves not to be perfect, and allowed themselves to enjoy the process of getting better. It works!
      Thanks again for your time and kind remarks!
      Be well,

  • Josh says:

    I’ve spent the last year getting into the right frame of mind to really pursue my dreams rather than just sitting around thinking about them. Easily the most beneficial thing on this journey has been reading from other people who actually put action behind their dreams and ACHIEVED something! That sort of attitude is infectious and I really appreciate the encouragement and insight in this post.

    • Kevin says:

      Well said Josh, and thanks for the kind words. Good for you for getting in the game! I wish you all the best of health and fulfillment!
      All the best,

  • Bianca says:

    Hi Kevin,

    What a great post, this is definitely the most motivating post I have seen in a long time! I love the passion, self discipline, and motivation coming from this post – it’s awesome! It has definitely brought me down to earth to sit down and think about the things I keep putting off because I think I’m not ready. I also love the saying – It’s now or never, because it literally is now or never. I really needed to read this and really enjoyed it so I will be looking forward to your next post. Thanks to you I will also be starting my next website today, I felt like I wasn’t ready to take on more work but if it’s not now then when will it be?

    Again thank you for the great read, I’m very glad I read this today 🙂


    • Kevin says:

      Hi Bianca,
      Those are wonderful thoughts for you to share. Thank you, and good for you! I’m so glad you took something positive away from the post and am very grateful to you for saying so. Wishing you all the success you desire, happiness and health.
      Be well,

  • Jeff Ratica says:

    That is a well thought out post with a lot of information. This is a post that alot of people should read I am sure if they do it will help them. I am going to have to bookmark this so I can come come back and read it from time to time. Great job and look forward to reading more in the future.

  • Dave says:

    ’This is a great post and very inspiring. I have been pursuing finally what I have wanted to do for a long time in order to be self employed and work my own hours. Now while I am yet to make a penny chasing the dream, I know it is going to happen and like all things it takes time. I will book mark this page and keep track of who your new guests are and how you are getting on. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Kevin says:

      Good for you, Dave! Keep at it. I’m glad I could be of some encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts.
      All the best,

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