Kevin has a rich media-related background, after beginning and spending much of his career in broadcasting and serving as a columnist for different newspapers, magazines and various other print and digital media outlets. As the current host of his own podcast and creator and producer of many different kinds of videos, Kevin’s always got his eye on trends in media and communication.

He also makes a great guest to contribute to other people’s programs, panels & platforms. To make a request to have Kevin join you on your program or at your event, please contact us today at or +1 226-884-7129.

Some of Kevin’s more recent guest appearances include:

Let’s Solve the Universe Podcast

Kevin was a guest on the podcast, “Let’s Solve the Universe” hosted by Elias Puurunen, in February 2019. It ended up being a rather intense conversation about change; how we fear it, how we embrace it, and how it can help our entire species evolve.

Rogers TV – #LdnOnt TV

Kevin was a guest on the Rogers TV program “#LdnOnt” in late January 2019 to discuss his new role as producer and host of the all-new momondays London event series.

Kevin was the first guest. Here’s video of the episode:

“Grow Your Mindset” – The Relatable Biz Babe Podcast, Ep. 3

Relatable Biz Babe Podcast with Julia PiccoliJulia Piccoli of Social Genesis had me on her show and we had quite a discussion! Among the topics we covered:

– What is a growth mindset how to develop one and the importance of having a growth mindset for yourself?
– What to do if you’re surrounded by people with a fixed mindset?
– How do you ‘teach someone’ to have a growth mindset?
– How to handle harsh criticism and doubts from people that mean the most to you.

To listen this podcast episode, click here.

Business Beetle: Expert Roundup: “Best Tips for Marketing a Small Business”

I was asked to contribute some thoughts on effective marketing for small businesses in an “Expert Roundup” article that includes a lot of valuable insights! My contribution is in the “Build Your Brand” section.

Read the article here.

“Screw the Naysayers” Podcast with Tim Alison – feature interview

I joined Tim Alison on his podcast “Screw the Naysayers” for a chat in the spring of 2018 to answer questions about where “No Schedule Man” came from, learning how to discover your true passion and how to honour your own unique path in life.

“Unstoppable You” with Tracy Schmitt -feature interview

I joined my friend “Unstoppable” Tracy Schmitt for a feature interview on her show, “Unstoppable You” in the spring of 2018. Together we chatted about overcoming overwhelm, staying present and how each stage of our journeys lead us to becoming who we are right now, which is a great thing.

Defyeneurs” Magazine – feature columnist

Kevin Bulmer - Defyeneurs Magazine

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I contributed a column on “What Fills Me Up?” to the Fall 2017 “Simplify” edition of Defyeneurs Magazine.





“The Happiness Hangout” Radio Show with Lori Peters – Feature Interview

I joined Lori Peters to discuss relationships, divorce, and what it takes to take responsibility over your own experience and create a life of joy and fulfillment.

Listen to this episode by clicking here.

“People of Distinction” with Al Cole – Feature Interview

I spoke  with Al Cole about being authentic and living true to your own journey.

Click here to visit “People of Distinction”

“Let’s Talk” with Emma Frye – Feature Interview

I got to chat with Emma Frye on her show, “Let’s Talk” on W4CY Radio ( Together they discuss relationships, authenticity and personal growth.

Listen on iHeart Radio: Click Here

“The Way Back” Show – Feature Interview

Here I talked very openly with hosts, Glenn Barclay and Stephanie Boot, about overcoming alcohol and how to build positive habits along the journey of living more true to yourself.

“Leadership Takeaways” with Rachael Orchard – Feature Interview

I discussed how I discovered the ability to use things that first appear as weaknesses as strengths to get positive results in all areas of my life.

“The Game Changer Podcast” with Michelle Dutro – Feature Interview

A chat with host, Michelle Dutro, about divorce, relationships and what it means to be a No Schedule Man.

To listen to this episode, click here.