Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury - Winnie Anderson, Ep. 16

Podcast on life after a traumatic brain injury with Winnie Anderson

Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury - Winnie Anderson | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 16Winnie Anderson had me at “Corporate Escapee.” That term alone was enough for me to want to learn all from her that I could. Little did I realize, at least at first, how deeply rewarding my time with her would be, rendering the definition of that enticing term well down the list of things I find most interesting about this dynamic person.

When I first reached out to her, I didn’t know that Winnie was navigating life after a traumatic brain injury. Not that it would have mattered to me either way, but hearing the story of what she’s had to overcome makes her an even more inspiring example.

Winnie is, among other things, the creator and host of a podcast called the “Let’s Talk Tech Show.” On its own merit, the show is terrific; a treasure-trove of easily digestible resources for anyone looking to navigate the word of entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to the use of technology. But once you learn more about Winnie’s journey, you’ll come to appreciate her efforts even more.

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Winnie left the American corporate culture twice: once by choice, and once by circumstances beyond her control. Guess which one stuck?

I’m not going to say too much else about it here, because she does such a wonderful job of sharing the necessary details of her journey in our conversation. And it will be impossible for you not to come away with a deeper appreciation of what someone goes through with life after a traumatic brain injury.

Some of the key things that jumped out at me from my time with Winnie included:

  1. How we tend to attach labels to our identity, too often defining what we do as who we are. And we then set ourselves up to struggle when these labels inevitably change, whether it be through career, relationships, health, or all of the above.
  2. How the most significant challenges in your life can become some of your greatest gifts.
  3. Pride (or Ego, if you like) and how it can hold us back from doing what we love, asking the questions we want to ask, or taking the steps necessary toward living the life we really want to live.

Sharing time with Winnie Anderson was a complete delight and a master class in hope, resilience, creativity, accountability and positive action. Winnie is the embodiment of why I take the time to produce this podcast. Her detailed descriptions of life after a traumatic brain injury leave me feeling humbled and inspired.


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  • Marcia McFarlane-Ashley says:

    Very good Kevin, I enjoyed that. Loved the video too its very motivating. Thumbs up

  • Summerly says:

    Interesting podcast. The part where Winnie Anderson talked about identity is something to think about. I guess most people go through life thinking of themselves in a certain way which defines what they do. If something happens where you no longer can ‘be’ that person you thought you were, it would be very hard to accept and change that. But in the end, the change may actually be better for you, and define you as a person more accurately. Never thought about something like that before.

    • Kevin says:

      Great points. I know that when I went through a period in my life when all the labels I’d “attached” my personality to fell away, it was some rough sleddin for a while. But that work proved invaluable, to be able to appreciate yourself for who you are, always evolving.

  • Rosie says:

    Very nicely written enjoyed reading it, I have to confess I didn’t know a whole lot about Winnie Anderson until now but, after reading your site makes me want to follow her.

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you, Rosie. I discovered Winnie quite by accident as well. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I’m glad I found out about her show, and her story. She is dynamic and inspiring, as so many people are when you take the time to really find out what challenges they’ve overcome and what passions they are pursuing.
      Thank you for your time and kind remarks. I’m grateful.
      All the best,

  • Mohammad Makki says:

    Amazing podcast Kevin! This is the first I hear of Winnie Anderson, and I have to say she is an inspiration. Hearing her mention the emails was particularly hard-hitting. From being ignored to being in high demand. She’s a success alright.

    I sympathize with the talk about identities. I’ve labelled myself all my life, but those adjectives are as much chains as they are strengths. The part about corporate culture rings true too. Someone with an entrepreneur mindset can it very hard to adapt to a job where there’s no room for creativity. I’ve tried it before, and it is not fun. I’m glad you brought Winnie to my attention. Her show looks very fun. Looking forward to your next podcast episode Kevin!

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you, Makki. What a terrific observation you’ve made: “Adjectives (labels) are as much chains as they are strengths.” That’s incredibly well said.
      Your encouragement is truly appreciated!
      Be well,

  • Anthony says:

    Hi, Kevin. Thank you for your sharing!
    Although your podcast is around 1 hour long, I still manage to finish listening to it. I enjoy this podcast and I really respect Winnie Anderson. Because she did not give up even though she was struggling with her head injury. This is motivative!

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for hanging in there, Anthony! I like to give my guests the time to fully explore their journey so that others can enjoy and learn from them at their own pace. I’m glad you got something from what Winnie had to say. So did I.
      Thanks for your time and kind remarks!
      All the best,

  • James Kelly says:

    A very interesting podcast given by Winnie Anderson which I enjoyed. She is a good motivational speaker and what she says definitely rings true. However at the age of 73 I can’t see myself ‘reinventing myself’! I do however like to accept daily challenges and am an avid blog writer so there is still life in the ‘old dog’ yet!

    • Kevin says:

      Lol Jim. An “old dog” writing about cats! You’ve a long way yet to go! I appreciate your comments and encourage people to visit your site, Jim. They love cats, they’ll love what you’re doing. Keep it up!
      Be well,

  • Sheila Stevenson says:

    Another great interview, Kevin, with Winnie Anderson. You come up with the best questions! And yes, Winnie is a ‘rock star’. We have connected and great things to come. Thanks Kevin.

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks, Sheila! I’m so happy the two of you connected! And thanks for listening to that episode. Winnie’s is a remarkable story, as you’ve heard.
      Sending much love your way. Thanks for keep me up-to-date!
      Best wishes,

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