Life is a Marathon: Bruce Van Horn - NSM Podcast, Ep. 18 -

Life is a Marathon: Bruce Van Horn – NSM Podcast, Ep. 18

Bruce Van HornBruce Van Horn is an Author, Speaker, Teacher and Coach who helps people to ReStory their Passion, Purpose & Vision. Bruce is the creator and host of the “Life is a Marathon Podcast” and author of the books, “Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living” and ” You Can Go The Distance.”

His story is incredible.

Bruce’s story ranged from the familiar (setting aside his creative passions early in life in exchange for corporate pursuits) to heart-wrenchingly unique (losing a daughter, and almost losing himself in a battle against cancer). The objective and honest way in which Bruce describes his journey, how it has shaped him and what’s he’s learned along the way will touch and inspire you.

During the course of the conversation, I lost count of how many powerful and important little nuggets of hard-earned wisdom Bruce imparted upon the conversation. There were a lot of them, as you’ll here. But here are just a few key takeaways that stood out from my chat with Bruce:

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  1. In order to transform anything in your life, you need to first make the decision to do so. And you need to make that decision more than once. Much more than once. I love the way Bruce describes this so I’ll leave it at that for now and let you listen for yourself.
  2. Through all the “problems” Bruce felt he had, he was able to boil it all down to recognizing he really only had just one problem: A Bruce problem. He speaks on it with remarkable clarity and accountability. This point alone one is a little piece of magical knowledge that anyone can apply in their life to great effect, if they’re only as willing to accept responsibility as Bruce.
  3. Stop criticizing yourself and start coaching yourself. I loved it when Bruce said that he finally recognized the negative voice in his head and that once he did, he was able to say to it, “You’re a liar.”

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12 Responses to “Life is a Marathon: Bruce Van Horn – NSM Podcast, Ep. 18

  • Sound advice always. Thank you for sharing awesome story . Especially the whole you’re a liar part.

  • Melissa
    4 years ago

    Enlightened, thank you. I will be listening!

  • It is so true that we are 100% responsible for what we do, how we live our lives, our successes and our failures. If we are not happy, we have to make the decision to change that.

    • Agreed, Sandra. Thanks for your comments and for your time.
      Be well,

  • Christian
    4 years ago

    Thanks for posting this article, Kevin. I really enjoyed reading the excerpts you added from what Bruce was saying. The one that struck home with me was transforming life. There is so much truth to what he is saying there. Probably 99% of people out there can’t just flip a switch in their head and make a life change on the spot. It requires hard work and forming it into a habit in order to stick.

    Thanks again for the good read! 🙂

    • Thanks Christian. You’re right: it’s not just like flipping a switch. It take commitment and consistency. But it starts with flipping a switch – making a decision to think, and ultimately live, differently.
      I appreciate your comments. Best wishes!

  • Really great advice! So often I have found the exact same thing. The problem (or challenge) is never with anyone else. It really is a cop-out to throw others under the bus for something that really starts with one self. As you said though, it really is true that it doesn’t help to criticize our self. I find it a lot more helpful to make realistic plans on how to change.
    How did you happen to get in touch with Bruce Van Horn?
    Great post, and thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Hi Sam,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts and remarks. You’re right: bad things happen, but we always have the choice how we wish to respond.
      I first found/connected with Bruce on Twitter.
      Best wishes,

  • Mohammad Makki
    4 years ago

    As with all your podcasts, I loved this one Kevin. I got to be introduced to yet another inspiring figure in Bruce. I’ve already followed him. He may be your best guest yet. I have a lot in common with him, so I paid pretty close attention to his story. Specifically the part about taking action. It’s always so hard to do something, but what most people don’t realize is that starting is half the battle. Bruce did a good job explaining that.

    Of course, I knew this guy was on to something when he got to himself being the problem. I always felt attached to that idea. So many times people blame their friends, family, situation, the weather, or anything but themselves. It’s like blaming the controller when you lose in a game. When you accept that you yourself are the problem, life gets so much easier, because you get to improve.

    Great job with this episode, Kevin! Looking forward to the next one!

    • Thanks Mohammad! Always appreciate your encouraging words. I’m glad you were able to take something positive from it. That’s why I do it.
      Best wishes,

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