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Millennials Are Not The Problem

By April 26, 2018February 24th, 2021No Comments

Millennials Are Not The Problem | Kevin Bulmer Mindset CoachingI feel like I’m hearing from a lot of people, who are my age and up, about how much they think they’re struggling with Millennials.

I hear things like:

“They’re too entitled..”

“They’re too tied to their technology”

“We don’t know how to work with them.”

“We can’t reach them.”

“We can’t communicate with them.”

“We don’t understand them!”

I think it’s kind of amusing when you consider the source of this frustration.

I’m willing to bet that many of the people making these kinds of complaints drove their parents crazy when they were younger by listening to that “new-fangled” music of theirs (remember Elvis Presley?). Or maybe they rebelled by protesting about peace and love. Or perhaps they were a part of my peer group, the original generation to be too tied to technology (Atari, anyone?) and “not go outside enough.”

I know all kinds of Millennials who are all class and are kicking ass. One of the reasons why they’re doing so well is they don’t waste their precious time standing around complaining about the way things used to be.

Do you know what I think Millennials are? It’s the same as anything else: They are exactly what we have decided to believe that they are. So if you feel like you’re struggling with Millennials, I wonder if you’ve considered:

Maybe they’re not the ones who need to change?

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