momondays London 2020

“Hands down this is the best event I attended so far … I was floored by the warmth and love of the London audience.”
– Shiva Duddi

“Man, I love what  you’ve done with momondays London. Keep doing it. It’s magic.”
– W.T. Hamilton

“Another just incredible show. Kevin Bulmer’s opening was fantastic!”
– Gord Fansher

“momondays last night brought us that VIBE and amazing ENERGY we’ve come to appreciate and expect from Kevin Bulmer’s show.”
– Krystal Moore Lucier

“Awesome opening by Kevin Bulmer talking about underdogs. Wow!!”
– Rizwan Rashid

“Kevin, your hosting made me simply speechless! Wow! Incredible experience.”
– Rakesh Mishra

“It’s an incredibly inspiring experience.”
– Tamelynda Lux

“Kevin, you put on an AMAZING show! It is an experience like no other.”
– Tim Barnaby

momondays London | Kevin Bulmer“Kevin is amazing. He brought a great group of speakers together to share their stories! I’ll be back.”
– Lisa Brodeur

“Every aspect of what momondays offers, is exactly what London needs. Bringing people together. Connecting.”
– Melissa Price

“Absolutely amazing event! Kevin Bulmer does an incredible job each and every month putting this event together and I can’t wait to go back!”
– Kyle Blythe

Kevin is the producer and host of the momondays inspiration event/broadcast series in his hometown of London, Ontario!

momondays London is an inspirational event/broadcast series with a mission to connect, encourage, inspire and empower through celebrating and sharing our true selves and stories.

We believe that each and every one of us desires and deserves to live and work happy, and that it is our human nature to encourage and support each other along the way.

We also believe that each of us have unique stories to share about our experiences and that celebrating and sharing those stories helps to uplift, inspire and empower ourselves and each other while also creating a deeper sense of connection and community. We are real people sharing real stories of real inspiration.

Think “TedX meets the Tonight Show” (maybe with a little “Muppet Show” vibe tossed in the mix).

There’s nothing else quite like it. You’ll know it when you feel it.

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The 2020 Season of momondays London is proudly presented by:
Mulligan Realty Group
Sbenati Dentistry
London’s Airport Hyundai & London’s Airport Kia