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Moonlight Graham: Why Hearing Voices Is A Good Sign | Kevin Bulmer

By June 15, 2017February 24th, 20216 Comments

Kevin Bulmer Video Blog - Moonlight GrahamIsn’t it interesting how natural it seems for us to just listen to all the noise and think that we’re supposed to follow along and compare ourselves to what everybody else is doing? We bury ourselves in a bunch of “should do’s” or “shouldn’t do’s” and judgment, thinking that what others are up to must be right for us.

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And yet, when we get these ideas, these creative urges, we hear voices, we get a gut feeling about what’s really right for us in our path … for so many of us, our automatic reaction is to think that’s irresponsible or silly. And in some senses I can understand that, because a lot times what will happen is you’ll get one of these creative ideas or urges and you’ll only sort of get the seed of the idea but you won’t really know what the whole thing means. You can only find that out by taking the next step and that takes a lot of trust.

So, we naturally tend to think that following along with others must be safer and makes more sense.

How’s that working out for us?

What did I see, Ray?

– Terrence Mann in “Field of Dreams”

I’m reminded of one my favorite films at this time of the year. While I’m recording this, it’s spring time and we’re just on the doorstep of another baseball season. So I’m thinking of “Field Of Dreams,” one of my favorite movies ever. And there are a lot of great moments in that flick. Anyone who’s ever seen it can’t help but be touched by the ending when Kevin Costner plays catch with his dad. But that’s not my favorite part.

See, in that film, like what I was just mentioning, Kevin Costner gets these ideas. He actually is hearing voices and he’s frustrated because he knows that he’s hearing them but he doesn’t initially know what they mean. And even though everybody thinks he’s crazy and even he thinks he’s a little crazy, he decides to follow them.

One thing leads to the next and he ends up in Boston, connecting with a character played by James Earl Jones. They go to a baseball game at Fenway Park. And at that game, Kevin Costner’s character hears a voice and he sees something that he doesn’t think that James Earl Jones sees. So he goes and he drops Jones back off, says thank you.

James Early Jones asks him, “You heard another voice? What did it say?”

And Kevin Costner says, “It said, he’s done enough. Leave the man alone.” He drops him off and gets prepared to leave. He’s driving a VW van and then he loops it in a u-turn in the street in downtown Boston. And as he turns all the way around, there standing in the middle of the street, is James Earl Jones. And he says, “Moonlight Graham.”

Kevin Costner slams the steering wheel and he says, “You saw it!”

James Earl Jones says, “Saw what?”

Kevin Costner’s getting out of the van all excited. “You saw it, New York Giants 1922. He played one game. He never got to bat. You saw it!”

And James Earl Jones, genuinely confused says, “What did I see, Ray?”

Kevin Costner says, “Chisholm, Minnesota. We were the only ones who saw it. It’s alright to admit it. It’s what told me to find you! Did you hear the voice?!”

James Earl Jones says, “Go the distance.”

“Yes!! Do you know what it means?”

“Yes. It means we’re going to Chisholm, Minnesota to find Moonlight Graham.”

It’s like watching somebody finally … understand, embrace, and act upon who they really are without knowing what lies ahead.

I love that scene. It’s my favorite. I never get tired of it. It makes me emotional just thinking about it because it’s like watching somebody finally uncovering, after all these years and all these layers of muck and crap and judgment and thought that we put upon ourselves, finally understand, embrace, and act upon who they really are without knowing what lies ahead. They decide to go for it anyway.

We can keep listening to all the noise. We can keep doing what we think we’re supposed to, what we should do, and try to be like everybody else. But I’m finding out … that’s not the way to find your field of dreams.


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  • CONNIE says:

    Great inspiring post. I like the way that you are telling us to use more determination to succeed and not thank about it to much. Are you will never try and to just trust yourself.

  • Deep says:

    Great connection Kevin. I definitely agree with you, too many people follow rather than lead in their lives. It is sad, even those that try to lead can often turn into followers because of the people around them. Great reminder, great post, and thanks for sharing.

  • Owain says:

    Another great post Kevin. Too many people do follow but I can see why. It’s because it is easier for them just to follow the pack. But to lead does take a lot of work and determination.

    I feel though that if you want to make a difference in this world then you have to stand up and make that change. Nothing will change I feel we just do whatever everyone else is doing.

    Get up and make that change. Do it for yourself.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Owain!
      Thanks for the visit and the note. That’s well said. We’ve got to be brave enough to go our own way, to be ourselves.
      Best wishes,

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