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“Kevin Bulmer’s membership service is a fun and welcoming community where we get to share our personal and professional growth journeys. Having like-minded people from around the world to collaborate with is awesome. We give and receive encouragement as we empower each other to become our greatest selves. I believe in the power of community and Kevin has certainly created a platform for us to collectively thrive. Kevin is authentic, creative, and passionate about what he does. He provides great value and I’ve received much benefit from all his videos, tools, and other resources that he wholeheartedly shares. I love the vibe! Thanks Kevin!”
Nancy Rose
“My experience with the membership service has been nothing short of fantastic. The other members are concerned, conscious, giving people who are willing to be vulnerable when asking for help. Our leader, Kevin has the energy of a Energizer bunny while having the patience of the best friend you could ever ask for. His diligence with keeping up with relevance within the community is amazing. I don’t know how he does it. If you’re welcomed into our community, feel honored and come with your thinking cap and expertise of your own!”​
Cheryl Parker​
“It’s so nice to feel understood for once! It’s also nice to hear it from an insider’s perspective, Kevin, since you’ve worked in media companies and have seen it from behind the scenes.”
Maria Helena Ahlberg
“Kevin, you are a beam of cosmic light blasting through the galaxy. And your light is so bright and warming. I so enjoy your light and friendship! I can see you are letting it rip with your awesomeness and I love that!”
Sarah Corey