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Pit Stops & Bad Vibrations

By July 23, 2017January 25th, 20184 Comments

Kevin Bulmer Video Blog > Pit Stops & Bad VibrationsIf you’re interested in personal development and cultivating a powerful and positive mindset, one of the things that you’re going to hear sooner or later is about energy and frequency, staying in a positive vibration and being aware of when you might be in a negative vibration. Race car drivers are kind of a neat example of this awareness, and at the time that I’m recording this we’re right on the doorstep of another Daytona 500, one of my favorite events, and these (pictured) are my two favorite cars of all time.

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Race car drivers are really neat. At Daytona, they’re going to be inches away from each other going around about 200 miles an hour, for hours on end. And in the midst of all that chaos, and the potential for disaster just a couple of inches away that whole time, even with all of that going on, they’re able to know exactly what’s going on with those machines. They are so in sync and in tune with them. Just by the feel, through the seat of their pants and their hands on the wheel, if there’s the slightest thing off with that car – a bad vibration – they’ll know it, and they’ll be communicating back to the pits with their crew chief about, ‘Do we stay out here on the track, or do we sacrifice the position that we have to come in and take care of this now so that we don’t pay a heavy price later on?’

You can’t even finish a race, let alone win one, without regular pit stops for maintenance, and giving yourself a chance to stop and refuel.

If you’re a race car driver talking about a bad vibration there’s a real good chance that they’re talking about the tire. Either it could be slowly coming apart, and if that goes unattended, these things, literally just disintegrate, and they take apart the whole wheel-well, pull the car into the wall, or into another competitor … or worse.

The other thing that could be going on is that when they’ve come into the pits, maybe when they changed that tire they didn’t get all the little lug nuts all the way tight and you just get that slow kind of a woop-woop-woop that turns into wop-wop-wop-wop-wop, that turns into that wheel coming all the way off. And if that happens, that could fly off and really hurt somebody else, it could pull you into the wall, or into another competitor … or worse.

Our hearts and minds and bodies are not dissimilar to that. We know when we’ve got a negative vibration. The question is, do we stay on the track, because we think that we can’t sacrifice our position, or do we pull into the pits, and really kind of get present, and try to understand what’s going on, so we can get back out there in performing well for the long run?

It’s something to think about when you’re trying to stay in a positive vibration. Just remember, you can’t even finish a race, let alone win one, without regular pit stops for maintenance, and giving yourself a chance to stop and refuel.


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  • Rob says:

    Very neat article here Kevin. I love the analogy. When someone finds themselves in a negative situation or can feel negative vibes coming on, I believe it is imperative to change this. Negatives can lead to more negatives and sooner, you’ll find yourself in a situation much more worse then what you had to start. When a negative appears, combat it and beat it. Put yourself back into that state of optimism. Thank you for your words of inspiration!

  • Dalwhu says:

    Thank you for this inspiring post, its just what I needed to read especially this week.

    I really like the comparison to the racing driver and pit stops as I’ve never thought about it like that before and that gives me a new perspective!

    thank you

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