Getting Started, Moving Forward & Living Sober: Kevin O’Hara – NSM Podcast, Ep. 11 - Kevin Bulmer -

Getting Started, Moving Forward & Living Sober: Kevin O’Hara – NSM Podcast, Ep. 11

Kevin O'Hara Alcohol MasteryCelebrating the first anniversary of my decision to stop drinking alcohol, I visit with Kevin O’Hara of Alcohol, who has been an enormous positive influence on me over the last couple of years. Together we discuss self-improvement, what it feels like to change, and what are some of the things to consider that either help or hurt the chances of real change occurring.

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Some key takeaways to listen for in this discussion:

  • You can be an inspiration and make a difference to other people just by being who you are. Not only that, but you’ll feel more fulfilled and better about yourself in the process.
  • You CAN change, if you truly want to
  • Just get started and keep moving forward. You will figure things out as you go.

I think that, whether you have a difficult relationship with alcohol or not, you’re going to get a lot from this discussion!

Podcast Episode Links:

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Kevin O’Hara / Alcohol Mastery Links:

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Referred to in the podcast conversation:

Alcohol Mastery Podcast, Session 7 (Books to Help Keep You Positive)

Stop Drinking Alcohol 62 (YouTube Video – “Awesome, Man!”):

SDA 62












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