Creativity, Contentment & Living in a Treehouse: Mike McCurlie – NSM Podcast, Ep. 9

2016-05-26 21.30.01Kevin talks with Mike McCurlie of MJM Media, a marketing company that has created thousands of audio and video commercial productions for some of Canada’s best businesses over more than 35 years. A lifelong musician, Mike’s stories and experiences are certainly unique and interesting.

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In this conversation, Mike covers everything from his love of music to the formation and history (and a bit about the future) of MJM Media and everything in between, including an extraordinary (but true) tale of how he spent part of his life living in a treehouse!

Mike also gives some terrific insights on marketing, why using music effectively makes a message so memorable, and how marketing has changed over the years. The tidbits he provides should prove valuable to any business looking to get their message across and stand out in today’s market.

To access Mike’s Blog or to see any of the videos or other content referenced in the discussion, the best place to start would be to go directly to the the MJM Media page. All their social channels are clearly linked from there.

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