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Consulting / Coaching: Collaboration, Advisory & Accountability

First of all, when I say “small business” or “small-to-midsize business” I mean a business, organization, individual or community group where someone can make a decision and things can start happening today.

I mean action-takers. Doers. Creators. A business that relies upon its local market much more so than the far reaches of the online world.

Regardless of the size of your business, if you don’t mind making decisions, rolling up your sleeves, and being as unique as most people only say they are, we might work well together.

While some marketing challenges are quite universal, every business and individual’s needs are a little bit different. Among the many areas we can investigate together include:

– The effectiveness, originality & consistency of your messaging (mission, offer, voice).
– Your brand engagement strategy.
– The potential ROI and measurability of your marketing plan.
– Concepts, creation and implementation of your unique marketing content.
– Building, nurturing and monetizing your own marketing distribution channel.

Whatever area we decide to focus upon, our goals will always be to help you:

– Stand out from your competitors.
– Create a much deeper level of connection with past, current and future customers.
– Improve your return on investment (of time and money).
– Increase revenue and engagement.
– Reduce waste, risk, worry and anxiety.

Whether your needs are project-based or something you feel will need to be more ongoing, we’ll map out a strategy and timeline that’s right for you.

Call or email me and let’s talk about you.

Email me:

Call me: +1 519-280-8301

We can also do the call via Zoom or Skype. Email me if you’d like to set up a connection that way.

*Important* I do not make agency buys or purchases on my clients’ behalf, nor do I create or outsource graphic or design work, etc. I’m happy to offer my experienced opinion and perspective on those things for you, however my specialty is in helping people uncover & activate their own unique voice and original, effective message, content & creative strategy.

Be Real Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show
Be Real Do Better - The Small Business Marketing Show

“Be Real, Do Better – The Small Business Marketing Show” is a program designed to support the select few entrepreneurs and people in small business who are brave enough to truly set themselves apart in an authentic and sustainable way so they can get a much better return on the time and resources invested in marketing and communication.

The show, an audio/video simulcast, is available on both iTunes & YouTube. For a complete list of past episodes, click here.
Each episode examines a common challenge faced by most small business marketers, gives it additional context and challenges the listener/viewer to consider it from a slightly different perspective.
Every show closes with a key takeaway and actionable suggestion to help you stand out and get better results.

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What People Are Saying …

“Having worked with many dozens of advertising, marketing, and account managers in the marketing of our business across Canada, I can state with confidence that Kevin Bulmer has been the very best of that group. I have come to appreciate that Kevin uniquely understands small business marketing, and I would recommend that any small business owner listen carefully to his advice.”
– Scott Hill, Founder & CEO, Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! Canada’s Largest Sports Festival

“Informative, easy to understand, dependable, reasonable, funny … all words to describe Kevin Bulmer during his presentation on marketing at the Ontario Association of Food Banks Conference in Sarnia.

Food banks are multi- service, social service non profit organizations offering a multitude of services and programs. How to market this is a challenge. Not only did Kevin understand, he sympathized with the attendees! Kevin offered helpful, insightful examples of each food bank’s current website and social media usage. Wow! He did his homework!
Kevin is an authentic, sincere gentleman who wants to help everyone. He embraces opportunity and serves those in his path.”
– Adelle Richards, Operations Manager at the Inn of The Good Shepherd | Ontario Association of Food Banks Annual Conference
“Kevin Bulmer spent 3.5 hours engaging our attendees. He helped break down barriers by showing us the do’s and don’ts on marketing your business. Kevin took the extra step by make this workshop more personal for each attendee, he asked for each person who pre-registered to give their businesses name. He wanted this information so he could look up and do research on the business and help critique there marketing. He helped us understand where there business was lacking and applaud where they are succeeding. Kevin made the small/medium size businesses realize that they need to focus on making it more personal to connect better to their target market. The overall feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We, the Small Business Centre would be happy to welcome Kevin back!”
– Brianna Rossit, The Small Business Centre Belleville

 “My experience with Kevin is that he arrived prepared with thought provoking questions about my business, not just business in general, but my business. He took the time to listen and then develop marketing solutions that specifically targeted my objectives. The longer we worked together, the more the process improved.

I’ve never known Kevin to put his own objectives ahead of mine. It is a lot to do with how we became friends. Knowing that someone else puts your interests ahead of theirs, tells you something about that person.
I’m not an easy guy to get to. There have been very few sales people that I have let in the door. It is those people that are willing to invest in me. They exercise great patience and spend the time to understand what is important. Those people become longtime resources and have my respect. Kevin is by far one of the most effective marketing people I have ever met. Glad to have him as a business associate and a friend.”
– Rick McKinnon, Miami Car Wash
“In every project, Kevin consistently demonstrated that his primary purpose was to help us achieve our goals, and not just make a sale or secure a contract. He was always conscientious, thoughtful, insightful and positive, and he connected with us in a way that ensured we were maximizing the value of our campaigns. Kevin’s motivation is to bring value to his clients and fulfill their best interests.”
– Tim Schwindt, Gateway Church 
“Kevin was instrumental in maximizing the value we received for our advertising budget in the London, ON radio market. He was able to shape a campaign that fit my budget constraints and delivered what I considered a high quality option that delivered great results for our company. I would trust him to keep my best interest at heart.”
– Paul Maheu, Bedrock Kitchen & Bath LLC
“In this era of ever-increasing competitive markets, Kevin Bulmer understands business branding and helped me steadily grow my client base and business.”
– John Goodwin, Broker: Century 21 First Canadian Corp.
“Kevin helped us to distill our key messages and then choose the right medium to communicate those messages to as many people in our target market as was possible with our budget. He understands the value of traditional, digital and guerilla marketing and was able to help us choose which to use when and how.”
– Kyla Woodcock, Founder: Forest City Sport & Social Club