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“Risk Taking” – Traffic Risk vs Life Risk

By August 31, 2017January 25th, 2018No Comments

Kevin Bulmer Footsteps Video Blog | Risk - Traffic vs LifeTranscript: Maybe this is a little unorthodox, because I’m actually doing an introduction to my own video which I wasn’t going to use, but when I watched it back I realized something that I didn’t notice was happening when I was actually doing the video.

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The point that I was trying to make is risk versus reward, and showing a place along a street here in the town where I live only a couple of minutes away from here, and turning into traffic in what I think is a high-risk situation where there’s a stop light like 30 feet away where you could do it a lot more safely and minimize the risk; it might cost you – what –  a matter of a few more seconds or maybe another minute or two, versus how we seem to be afraid to risk being really true and open and genuine to ourselves in our lives.

But anyway I don’t know that I made the point really well, but I want to show you the video because, watch the black car that shows up at around the 2:25 mark and it illustrates my point right behind me while I was talking about it exactly.

It goes out into traffic, sticks its nose out, which is not the smartest move as far as I’m concerned and then as you can see, cars stop for it either way, and then when it finally goes out into traffic, you’ll see that there’s a white car that has been waiting for it, and then as soon as it gets out of the way, you’ll see that two other lanes of traffic have also been waiting on it, which proves my point exactly! But because of the sun shining I didn’t see that going on while I was there. And there was a lot of distraction standing by the side of the road.

Oh and by the way, I also pointed out two cars at the very beginning that I said were turning left that were actually turning right. But it was too good to pass up, just maybe watch the black car and I think that makes my point for me.

Roadside Observations

I’m talking today about risk versus reward. See these cars behind me? Turning left out of this plaza onto what is sometimes a busy road. It’s not all that busy right now, so this might not be the best example except it always make me wonder a little bit why people choose the way that they choose. Right back over here, literally 30 feet away, there’s a stoplight where you can minimize the risk instead and when it does get busy here and traffic stacks up, they’ve got to get across a couple of lanes and then into the third lane which is going the other way. When it’s busier there is a bit of a risk to it, and yet people choose to do that all the time.

I’m sure that you’ve seen it wherever you might live. There have got to be places like this that are really kind if tricky to get out of sometimes, but people seem to think very little about taking the risk to save themselves what, a minute, a matter of seconds?

They try to get out into traffic and then get left or right in some cases and just sort of take for granted that the other people are maybe going help them out. In a way, you’re sort of taking your life in your hands and you’re just assuming, “Well people are going make way for me; they’ll either make some space or they’ll slow up if they see me coming, but it’ll be okay.”

That risk we’re willing to take for a matter of what, time and a little bit of convenience? But the risk, potentially when we’re talking about going into traffic, is high.

Why Risk Death When You Won’t Risk Life?

Where I see the irony is when I think about life, and what we perceive as risks when the reward could be so great in terms of living a life more true to yourself and a lot of us hesitate to do that. Why? Because we’re worried about what other people are going to think, we’re worried about people maybe making room for us, or we’re worried about really being authentic and true to ourselves, we’re worried about the risk of it.

And yet the reward could potentially be so much greater if we think about getting to the end of our lives and realizing, that we’ve done more that’s true to us, that we’ve spoken from our hearts, that we’ve communicated clearly. And I don’t mean just in big things like what our goals are for our lives and things like that, but even in every day communication in our relationships and just being genuine and not being afraid of communicating our feelings.

Those things, we don’t like to risk. But going into traffic like these people, we all do that every single day.

I don’t understand that.


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