Podcast interview with musician, Rose Cora Perry

Rose Cora Perry on Embracing the Journey | Journeys with the No Schedule Man Ep. 3Rose Cora Perry has been a performer since the age of four. She’s been writing since she was seven. She’s been the CEO of her own record label & publicity firm since age fifteen. And when we first met, we liked each other straight away.

In this episode, I catch up with Rose Cora Perry, who took part in my “Celebrating Hope” concert way back in November of 2010. Since that time, we’ve remained in touch. We’ve both been through a lot in that time and we discussed a lot of it in this interview.

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This interview will be of interest especially to anyone who has ever tried to showcase their own original music. If you’ve ever performed live, you’ll relate to much of what Rose Cora Perry shares here. If you’ve ever been in a band, you’ll nod your head in understanding many times. And if you’ve simply refused to give up on your own dream, you’ll be rooting for Rose Cora Perry because you’ll see yourself in her.

Throughout the conversation, Rose discussed the origins, highs and lows of her first two bands (Her and Anti-Hero). She also shared about the disappointment that followed their conclusions and the personal development that followed. You’ll also hear Rose Cora Perry talk about how her solo acoustic CD, “Off of the Pages”  came to be, along with the personal and professional processes that have led her to where she is now. Having put together a new band and nearing release of her latest project, “Onto the Floor,” my pal Rose Cora Perry seems to be in a good place. Here is the story.

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