Owning Your Choices & Working Your Mental & Emotional Muscles: Sara Westbrook – NSM Podcast, Ep. 14 - NoScheduleMan.com

Owning Your Choices & Working Your Mental & Emotional Muscles: Sara Westbrook – NSM Podcast, Ep. 14

No Schedule Man Podcast Cover ImageIn this episode, I had the chance to sit down for a chat with Sara Westbrook, who I first met back around 2009 when we both performed at a live music event here in town. I’d heard of her before but had never taken the opportunity to speak with her in depth about what she was doing. I’m glad the chance to do that here, because I believe that what Sara is doing is really important stuff.

Sara Westbrook PhotoSara is a motivational speaker, author & singer who specializes in resilience, confidence and respect. She is the creator of UPower, helping people to see that they are in control of their choices – how they choose to act, react and what they choose to believe.

Sara has shared her UPower presentations with over 200,000 students and parents, using her own personal stories and songs to give them the skills necessary to take back their own UPower and create resilience, confidence and respect.

Sara also has created the the UPower journal, not only for young people to express their thoughts and feelings, but also to build their confidence and resilience through the stories, exercises, and quotes found inside.

A few key things that stood out from my time with Sara:

  1. Owning your choices. No matter what may be going on in the world, you have the ability – and responsibility – to choose what you want to think, feel, say and do. It’s your choice, how you wish to act and react to other people and situations.
  2. Work your mental and emotional muscles as you would any other part of your body. Sara tells a great story about this in our conversation.
  3. The power of sharing. Sara tells some stories about how powerful it was when other people shared very personal things while trying to help her – being real – why she makes sure to do that in her presentations.

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UPower LogoTalking with Sara was completely enjoyable and enlightening. Her perspective and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious. You’re going to love her!

You can access the podcast with any of the links below. Enjoy!

Here’s a photo of the journal entry in the UPower Journal Sara refers to in our discussion:

Sara's first journal entry











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Here’s how to reach Sara directly:

Sara’s Official Website: www.sarawestbrook.com
Sara’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/upowerconcerts
Sara on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarawestbrookfanpage

Kevin Bulmer & Sara Westbrook








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8 Responses to “Owning Your Choices & Working Your Mental & Emotional Muscles: Sara Westbrook – NSM Podcast, Ep. 14

  • Hi Kevin!
    Great read! (and listen 🙂 )
    Until now, I don’t think I had heard of Sara Westbrook, but I am glad I landed on your page!
    She sounds like such a great influence on anyone who would have a conversation with her, or to anyone who is connected with any of her work.
    Great work! 🙂 I will keep this page book marked for future readings!

    • Thank you, Dana. I appreciate you stopping by and taking a moment to leave a comment.
      Best wishes,

  • Summerly
    4 years ago

    Hi Kevin
    Very informative post and podcast. I have never heard of Sara Westbrook before but I am glad I know of her now. I really like a lot of what she has to say, and her words are something people should live by. The point about owning your choices is very true. You can choose how you want to react to a situation, which means you can decide if you want a positive or negative outcome. If people don’t realize this then they may always find situations negative and fail to try to make things better. Good information, thanks!

  • Sara Westbrook sounds like a great speaker. I especially like the 3rd idea you mention, the power of sharing. Great post, thanks!

  • Focus Here
    4 years ago

    I found your information about Sara Westbrook to be fascinating and empowering. She is definitely someone that I look forward to explore further and you did a great job sharing the highlights of some of her motivational methods. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

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