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“Shin Pads” – Work With What You Have

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Kevin Bulmer Video Blog | Shin Pads - Work With What You HaveAt the time I’m posting this, it’s just about hockey season again. In fact, my youngest son played his first exhibition game just this afternoon! I thought it might be a good time to bring this video out. It still makes me smile.


Transcript: I was at the hockey arena nearby my place a couple weeks ago. Nothing particularly odd about that. I was there early in the morning and waiting on my son’s hockey practice to start.

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There was also a skating clinic going on there at the time, and while I was waiting, the fellow that runs that clinic – who I think has got to be in his 70’s now – he came down to the area where I was and sat down near me.

One of the things that I did differently that I might not have done in the past is I said, “Hi.” I just started talking to him, and I asked him about how he started the clinic and if he had some stories that he could tell me. He did, and they were a lot of fun to listen to and I enjoyed the chat very much.

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about since we talked was that he mentioned about how when he and his buddies used to play hockey out on the street when he was a kid, what they would do to try to protect themselves was kind of creative, I thought.

Now, if you’ve ever played hockey in the wintertime, you’ll know it’s common to use something like a tennis ball. Once it is outside for a little while and it’s rollin’ in the snow and it almost turns into like a ball of ice, it hurts if it hits you.

Work with what you have until you have something better.

So anyway, when this fellow was telling me stories about that, it didn’t come off at all as if, “Oh, these kids these days have everything.” No, it was more, “Here’s what we used to do,” and he was laughing about it like it was fun, and I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

He talked about how they used to take their parents’ magazines and they would tape them to their shins to protect against the little piece of ice that the tennis ball would become, and you know what I thought that sounded like to me? That sounded like creativity and resourcefulness.

So if you’ve got something that you want to do, work with what you have until you have something better, but it’ll at least get you started.


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