How To Make Social Media More Effective For Small-to-Midsize Businesses

When it comes to social media, we hear these kinds of things from small-to-midsize business owners all the time …

  • They’re really not sure what to say or how often to say it.
  • It feels like it’s going to take a lot more time & money than they feel they can manage.
  • They don’t feel clear on what makes them unique and/or how to share it online.
  • The amount of choices and channels feels overwhelming. 
  • They don’t really have any actual proactive, measurable strategy.
  • They’re not sure how to make social media marketing actually grow their business.

Sound familiar?

Well … we understand.

We’re here to help.

And we think you can.

Kevin Bulmer Social Media Marketing Workshop

Who This Is For:

  • Small-to-midsize businesses, not-for-profits and community groups.
  • Solopreneurs and creative souls.
  • Sales reps & independent agents (e.g., car dealerships, insurance agents, real estate, financial, B2B).
  • Marketing managers and social media staff working mostly on their own who would like more support and a constant flow of creative ideas.

What we’ll cover:

  • The key differentiating factor in your business (hint: it’s staring back at you in the mirror)
  • What kinds of content consistently get the most engagement and how to easily create it quickly and affordably. 
  • How to “get out ahead of it” to save all kinds of time and money.
  • Why we need to be thinking about connection instead of “followers.”
  • How to systematically (and simply) build relationships and grow your business.
  • The two most empowering platforms for small businesses right now (and it ain’t Facebook)
  • Why we should view social media more as an ongoing conversation than an “advertising platform.”
  • How (and why) to view your social media the same way you’d view a great sales rep.
Kevin Bulmer Social Media Marketing Workshop
Kevin Bulmer Social Media Marketing Videos

What this session will do for you:

  • Take the stress out of social media.
  • Help you stand out, connect and grow your business.
  • Never run out of social media content ideas again.
  • Save you enormous amounts of time.
  • Discover and share your unique voice, message and brand story.
  • Help you implement a simple, effective strategy that’s both manageable and measurable.

Typical Session Timing

Sessions can be set for the amount of time that works best for you and your team. Most typical is a half-day (3-4 hour) format, while longer sessions allow us to dive more deeply into the principles outlined above.

Sessions may be delivered in person or virtually.

Contact us today to discuss what would work best to meet your needs.

"NSM Brand Media has transformed our social media presence since coming onboard with us. Our clients are now finding things out about our company and team members that they never knew and now understanding us better on a personal level, not just business. This is all because of Kevin's up front and continued hard work. NSM Brand Media continue to create content that we would have never thought of."

Ryan MulliganBroker of Record, Mulligan Realty Group

"What can I say about working with Kevin and what the NSM Brand Media has meant for me personally and professionally...... hmm 🤔 we’ll let me start and I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. The GAS factor ... (give a s*** ... for those not familiar with the term) ... that Kevin & the NSM Brand Media group brings to the table is second to NONE!!

I’ve never felt so safe. I’ve never felt so loved. I’ve never felt so confident. His ability to connect and to care are incredibly evident In everything he does and he’s a joy to be around."

Mark WitloxOwner, Witlox Automotive

"In simple words, as I always tell people about Kevin, that he is simply magical in his approach and creativity to figure out what is the missing link to enhance your brand and focus on that with the precise tracking mechanism. His skills and vision to repurpose content is simply amazing. He is a true creative genius and on top of that I simply adore his compassion towards humanity."

Coach Rakesh MishraKeynote Speaker & Coach

Kevin and his team at NSM Brand Media have delivered over and above what they've promised and it's a true pleasure to work with them. I always feel valued, understood, and supported. The attention to details has been most appreciated. The monthly reports help me so much to see how far reaching my social media channels are having. I've witnessed incredible amounts of growth on all of my social media platforms since working with NSM Brand Media and I'm truly grateful for their expertise in this area!

Nancy RoseOwner, Ultimate U Mindset Solutions

"Kevin puts his heart and soul into his business and we are lucky enough to reap the rewards of his passion. Kevin has brought a light to our social media that we were missing. Our social media is now full of personality and charm (and engagement has skyrocketed). Kevin, we have you to thank for that. Anyone thinking about hiring Kevin.... stop thinking and just do it.... you will not be disappointed!"

Kelli FedorakDirector of Operations, Mulligan Realty Group

I have been more than impressed with NSM Brand Media in regards to keeping us informed and outperforming all measurables promised. Kevin and his team are a delight to watch as they extract the best out of everyone they talk to. Kevin and Mel work together like a finely tuned instrument and always deliver beyond expectations!

Chris PeischlStrickland's