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Speaking Your Truth – Pauline Duncan-Thrasher | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 72

Speaking Your Truth - Pauline Duncan-Thrasher | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 72Do you sometimes feel “trapped by love?” On the surface, that seems like a paradoxical idea, but if you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone you feel you’re supposed to love when, in fact, you know deep-down that it’s not a good situation, you’ll know what I mean when I say “trapped by love.”

We’re going to get into that with today’s guest, along with some insights as to how you can set yourself free.

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“Trapped by love.” That’s a phrase that came up in the conversation you’re about to hear, with Pauline Duncan-Thrasher. I was instantly intrigued by that notion, as I know of so many people who do, in fact, feel “trapped” in a bad relationship with their partners, parents, grown kids, friends, family members, co-workers, or even themselves. And so, I have no doubt that what Pauline has to share will be of great help to a lot of people.

Pauline is a trainer, coach, keynote speaker and author who helps people to live, learn and lead with love. Her mission is to help other believe in their own amazing selves.

Pauline is the author of a book called “Swimmin’ Women,” featuring interviews with courageous women and three men who share secrets of how they learned to switch from fighting challenges of change … to riding their waves of change.

This chat with Pauline is a touching, thought-provoking, fully transparent recounting of a story that will probably be familiar to a great many people, maybe even to you. We talked about being “trapped by love,” and how the beginning of real freedom and fulfillment is when you start to speak your authentic truth.

That sounds simple enough to say (“to speak your authentic truth”), but when you’re in an environment where you don’t feel safe and there’s no immediate place you feel you can go to allow yourself to be heard, it can be a lonely road. And it takes a lot of strength and courage to finally allow yourself to grow through and beyond that, and that’s exactly what Pauline has done.

Among the many things we discussed that really stood out to me included:

  1. The space between “just get over it” (or what I would call “suck it up”) and pity, neither of which is particularly helpful, well-intentioned though it may be. Helpful compassion likely lies somewhere in between.
  2. Listening, and the healing that comes with feeling like you are being heard. Pauline’s story about believe there were microphones in the room and beginning to say everything that she had bottled up for all those years is profound.
  3. The irony of how traveling alone can open up the whole world to you and connect you to far more people than if you were not by yourself.

I hope this conversation helps you or someone you know. By all means, if you know of someone who is struggling, please do pass this along to let them know that there is hope.

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