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“Take a Timeout” – Okay, I Now Get That I Didn’t Get It

By August 3, 2017January 25th, 20186 Comments

Kevin Bulmer Video Blog | Take a TimeoutTranscript: I just took a couple of minutes to record some footage for a video for the YouTube channel. And as I’m on my way back to my car getting ready to go back to work, so to speak, I was just thinking that I would take you with me on the journey and talk for a second about getting out on a day like this.

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By the way, look at this blue sky! This is Ontario, Canada, in October, just about Thanksgiving. I wanted to talk about taking a minute to enjoy stuff like this, even if it’s just a couple moments in the middle of the workday, because I’m reminded of a time earlier in my career; I was the General Manager of a stock car racing track, of all things, a place called Delaware Speedway.

At that time, there were a number of different individuals that were all partners as owners of the race track, and one of them, a guy named Dave, used to tell me, “Kevin, sometimes you need to just leave it all. Just get up and walk around a little bit.”

Well, I understand now that the person that didn’t get it, is me.

I remember actually taking offense to that. I thought, ‘Here’s this guy who comes in for the occasional meeting and doesn’t live here, ’cause he would come in from a different city, and doesn’t understand what the day-to-day is like, and doesn’t understand how much I have to do, and how much stress I’m under, and how much pressure there is, and how hard I’m trying to work to be able to make his business go, and he’s telling me just sometimes get up and leave it and just go for a walk, just get outside and get away from it.’

And I remember thinking and being absolutely sure that I was right, thinking, ‘Dave you don’t understand, you don’t get it, do you? I’ve got stuff to do! What I’m doing is important and I’ve got a lot of stress and I’ve got a lot of responsibility and I need to get at it. I don’t have time to go out for a walk.’

Well, I understand now that the person that didn’t get it, is me. You have got to make time to get out, get some fresh air and get away, you’ll get twice as much done once you go back to it, which I’m going to do now.

Get out and take a break!

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  • Maun says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m glad to run across this information.
    The thing I loved about this post is just how simple you got your points across.
    Also liked your embedded short video.
    I liked best the last paragraph “You have got to make time to get out, get some fresh air and get away, you’ll get twice as much done once you go back to it”
    I definitely try it out.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Maun,
      Thanks for your kind words. I’m grateful! I appreciate you taking a moment to visit and would love for you to come back anytime.
      Best wishes,

  • Craig says:

    You’re absolutely right. Not only do you need some time to yourself, but research has shown over and over again that trying to focus for long periods of time simply doesn’t work. Working on things for short periods then taking a short break is far more effective! Glad to see other people agree with me on this too though!

  • Steven Oliver says:

    Hey Kevin

    This is a brilliant article and so true. We are usually so busy with trying to ‘get things done’ that we lose sight of the reason we are doing those things in the first place. If we are unable to take a moment (ideally much longer) to appreciate what an amazing world we live in, then there really doesn’t seem any point.



    • Kevin says:

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for that. I appreciate the kind words, and agree, although it’s something I have to remind myself about on a daily (hourly?) basis. It’s so easy to get lost in chasing “progress” that sometimes stopping to just breathe and notice feels like wasting time. It isn’t. I now keep track of it to make sure I’m stopping and breathing and ‘being’ on a regular basis, and I end up staying healthier and getting more done.
      Thanks for the visit!

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