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“Think Of Yourself” (Song Blog Demo, Vol. 3)

Kevin Bulmer Song Blog IconThis is one of many, many songs I wrote a long time ago but have no audible record of until now. Other than an almost 20-year-old printed lyric sheet (shown in this video), the song has only ever existed in my head. I can’t even find a computer file with the lyrics. This “Song Blog” project is meant to capture and preserve some of these creation before they are lost to time. And so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I should make note that this is the first song I’ve demoed with a version of Cubase software that I purchased last fall. All others have been done with a digital 8-track recorder. I want to force myself to learn how to use the Cubase software so that I can apply it for my Mutineer project, so this is a way of forcing me to learn it, bit by bit. If you’re curious, you can see how I created this demo one Sunday afternoon in about an hour and a half in the”Making of” Video, available at this link or by watching, below.

About the Song

The tune itself is a curious little number. Almost two full decades have passed since I wrote it, and so it’s interesting to me to revisit it and wonder what I may have been thinking at the time. I remember wanting the very simple melody to have a kind of cyclical feel, like a carousel going round and around but never getting anywhere, and at a gentle pace so that it could serve as an ironic backdrop for what are, essentially, some pretty pointed lyrics. It was meant to convey how completely “normal” we think it is for people to be selfish and ignorant, I suppose. Clearly I was frustrated by someone or something at the time.

I’m not really sure what to think of this song now. It’s almost a little confrontation for my current tastes, despite its light acoustic feel. But it also holds a measure of “keeping to the high road” in the face of some kind of perceived ignorance or oppression.

I don’t much care for the line, “How you gonna cope when at my mercy?” That’s not something I would think or write today. But I was thinking it then, and I suppose there are worse ways to channel your frustration than through writing a song.

What do you think? As always, your comments are most welcome here or on any of our social channels. Thanks for reading and listening!


Song Blog, Vol 3: “Think Of Yourself”

© 1997 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises
Written by Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)

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Watch the lyric video on YouTube (or watch below)


Here we go around
Do this dance again
Here I am again
A marionette

There you go again
Tie my hands again
You haven’t heard the last of me yet

What if I surprise you with ignorance?
How would you react to yourself?
What if you find intelligence?
What the hell would you think of yourself?

That would never be
Yeah I know it won’t
What I never see
Is what I never get

So you laugh the last time
You always do
But I am not without humour yet

What if I surprise you by passing by?
How would you react to yourself?
How you gonna feel as I wave goodbye?
What the hell would you think of yourself?

I am holding hope now
You’re holding fear
That will surely spell your unrest

Life’s a little lonely
Below the clouds
I haven’t thrown my wings out just yet

Suddenly you are looking up at me
How would you react to yourself?
How you gonna cope when at my mercy?
What the hell would you think of yourself?

Think of yourself
Think of yourself
Think of yourself
You just think of yourself


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4 Responses to ““Think Of Yourself” (Song Blog Demo, Vol. 3)

  • I like your song Kevin!
    I don’t know what I was expecting but the song surprised me in a good way and it’s catchy.
    I was surprised by how much I liked the lyrics as well.

    Do you usually keep songs in your head or write them down when you get inspiration?

    • Lol! Thanks Dinh. Your comment made me chuckle. I appreciate it and am glad you liked it. Thank you.
      If I sense a song “showing up” in my mind in some fashion, I always write it down or hum it into recorder or something so I don’t forget it. I never sit down and deliberately try to write them. They just sort of “appear” in my mind. After that, I shape them and edit them, but usually they show up pretty quickly. Great question.
      Thanks for your time.
      Be well,

  • Claudia Blanton
    4 years ago

    interesting lyrics and song, nice job! You wrote this the year my daughter was born, so that was interesting for me, transporting me back to where I was in my life at that time. Thank you for that – blessings!

    • Happy memories! I’m glad it brought those back for you in whatever way it did. I’m very grateful for your time. Thank you.
      All the best,

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