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Up Next: “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man”

CD CoverAt long last, some new music is on the way. Release date and concert announcements are coming soon. For now, here’s a little bit of the story behind “Solo.”

“Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man”

This project was a long time in coming. I spent a great deal of time away from my guitar, for many different reasons. And when I returned to it, I did so tentatively. But at some point in the winter of 2012/2013, I started sifting through my catalogue of songs and singling out some that I felt like working on, with no particular agenda in mind.

Eventually, I blew the dust off my little 8-track digital recorder and captured some newer versions of a handful of songs, just to see how I felt about them.

One of those songs was called “Déjà Vu.”

My kids ask me about my music a lot. So I shared with them that I’d been working at it again. They immediately asked to hear the songs. We were in the car, and I played snippets of four or five tracks for them. I didn’t play any of them all the way through. And again, at that time, these songs were rough: demos of demos. My boys congratulated me and encouraged me to keep working at it, but didn’t say much more than that at the time.

Weeks later, while I was preparing a meal in the kitchen, I heard someone singing the chorus to “Déjà vu” from the other room. I entered to find Eddie, my oldest boy, sitting on the couch and happily chirping out the melody that he’d only heard once before, weeks prior, and not even in its entirety. I was stunned.

Me & Eddie

Me & Eddie

“What are you singing, little buddy?” I asked.

“It’s that song you wrote, Dad,” he said.

“How in the world did you remember that? You didn’t even hear the whole thing and that was weeks ago.”

“It’s a great song and I really like it, Dad,” he said. “You should put it on iTunes.”

And so it began.

I want to thank Eddie and Jaden (that’s Jaden on the cover) for helping me to see what I couldn’t see on my own. They showed me that it’s worth continuing to create for one simple reason:

It’s fun.

And if you’ve got something that you enjoy just humming to yourself, then that’s enough.

Eddie, Jaden and I will be humming along in 2014.

You’re welcome to join us.


1. Intro: Old McDonald (1:00)
2. Deja Vu (3:33)
3. Bilge Rat Blues (3:12)
4. Lullaby (3:40)
5. March (4:10)


All songs written by Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)

Produced by Kevin Bulmer with Tim Schwindt

Recorded at River Music Productions in London, Ontario

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Schwindt for River Music Productions


Kevin Bulmer (lead and backing vocals, guitars)
Tim Schwindt (percussion)
“Left Right Left” vocals on “March” by Eddie Bulmer, Margaret Bulmer, Caroline O’Neil, Kevin Bulmer, Tim Schwindt, Patti Schwindt, Justyn Schwindt and Heather Schwindt

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