Small-to-midsize businesses, sales reps, solopreneurs, associations, non-profit and community groups …

Ever wish social media could be a simpler, more enjoyable and more effective tool for growing your business?

Here’s everything you need to succeed with strategic social media marketing.

VIP-DIY Membership

Your turn-key strategic social media marketing support system

NSM Brand Media’s VIP-DIY is a turn-key strategic social media marketing support system perfect for small-to-midsize businesses, sales reps, solopreneurs, associations, non-profit and community groups.

It’s everything you need to succeed with social media marketing.

NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY
NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY
NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY
NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY
NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY
NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY

What's Included?

1. Onboarding to set you up with everything you need to succeed on social media including:

  • You’ll be set up with a completely turn-key planning, filing pre-scheduling & measuring system to help keep you organized and effective.
  • We’ll give you all our templates, tools, spreadsheets, tips & tricks for making it as simple and easy as possible.
  • Make sure your social media channels are correctly connected, up-to-date and on-brand.
  • We’ll show you how to use a few simple tools that will save you a ton of time and money!
  • You’ll fully discover your unique brand identity, vision and voice in our brand story and strategy session.
  • You’ll achieve razor-sharp clarity and focus on what makes you unique and how to connect that with your ideal customers.
  • You’ll learn how to shape, celebrate and share your unique message(s) with a simple and effective posting strategy.
  • You’ll learn how to effectively connect and communicate with your ideal customers.
  • We’ll show you how to track and measure your progress on a monthly basis (and how to adjust if needed).

Note: On-boarding usually includes at least two Zoom calls of approximately 90 minutes each plus call prep and follow-up as necessary.

2. Monthly coaching & co-creative collaboration calls + ongoing access to our coaching video library + ongoing support.

  • Use your monthly coaching & co-creative collaboration call (approximately 60 minutes each, over Zoom) to create, collaborate or work on whatever you like! We can help you design images, write captions, pre-schedule posts, tweak your strategy, coach you through video interviews, help set you up to take photos .. just about anything!
  • Get unlimited on-demand access to our video coaching catalogue.
  • Receive ongoing text & email support for a fresh set of eyes, opinions or another perspective.

3. Want us to do anything else for you? 

Easy! Pay only for what you need and at a discounted rate available only to VIP-DIY members.

How Much?

$220 CDN + tax per month plus a one-time on-boarding fee of $275 CDN + tax.

We’ll teach you how to do whatever you need to on your own. 

But if you ever want us to do something more, it’s easy! Pay only for what you need and at a discounted rate available only to VIP-DIY members.

Stay as long as you like. Leave anytime.

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Why Should I Believe You?

Here’s what some of our recent clients have said:

“As a small business owner, I needed to extend my marketing team to help grow the business. I am confident I have made the right choice signing on with Kevin and his team.

They are super easy to work with, eager to learn the nuances of our business and what makes our customers tick. But most importantly, they know how to get our business noticed to new customers while helping us to hold on to existing ones.

It’s common for customers to comment on our social media posts and have heard good things from other pet supply retailers that are impressed with our online presence.

We’ve had a number of new customers over the past months that are directly related to the work Kevin and his team have done.”

– Paul Nuyens, Dorchester Pet Care & Supply

“I cannot say enough kind words about NSM Brand Media and Kevin Bulmer. NSM (Brand Media) has transformed our social media presence since coming onboard with us. Our clients are now finding things out about our company and team members that they never knew and now understanding us better on a personal level, not just business.

Brand Media continue to create content that we would have never thought of. Kevin and NSM Brand Media have been and will continue to be a great asset to our Mulligan Realty Group.”

– Ryan Mulligan, Mulligan Realty Group

“I have/had been doing … well attempting to do … advertising and developing a social media presence … I know my business very well but couldn’t showcase ourselves to save my life

And then .. along came Kevin

I’ve never felt so safe.
I’ve never felt so loved.
I’ve never felt so confident.

His ability to connect and to care are incredibly evident In everything he does and he’s a joy to be around.”

– Mark Witlox, Witlox Automotive

“In simple words, as I always tell people about Kevin , that he is simply magical in his approach and creativity to figure out what is the missing link to enhance your brand and focus on that with the precise tracking mechanism. His skills and vision to repurpose content is simply amazing.

He is a true creative genius and on top of that I simply adore his compassion towards humanity.”

– Coach Rakesh Mishra

“I had been making videos, poor ones, and wanted to up my game but at the same time remain personable.  I couldn’t be happier!  My social media presence has never been better and the team is always willing to play back and forth with ideas.  Love these guys!!!”

– Melanie Pearce, Royal LePage

“Kevin and his team at NSM Brand Media have delivered over and above what they’ve promised and it’s a true pleasure to work with them. I always feel valued, understood, and supported. The attention to detail has been most appreciated. The monthly reports help me so much to see how far reaching my social media channels are.

I’ve witnessed incredible amounts of growth on all of my social media platforms since working with NSM Brand Media and I’m truly grateful for their expertise in this area!”

– Nancy Rose, Ultimate U Transformations

What Do You Mean By "Succeeding" With Social Media?

Great question! We mean using these tools in a manner that helps you effectively and incrementally grow your business, association, project or community group.

We care about helping you discover, celebrate and share what makes you unique in a way that’s simple, fun and effective.

We won’t be asking you to “document and share” your entire life or become a social media “influencer.” That’s not what we’re here for.

We’re not even trying to convince you to use social media. It’s just one of many communication tools you can use (or not). But if you want to use social media to try and grow your business, we know for certain that if you do what we show you, it will help.

We care that you are communicating and connecting strategically and genuinely in a manner that other people will relate to and care about.

Our best-case dream scenario is that we teach you how to no longer need us because you’re doing so well on your own.

NSM Brand Media VIP-DIY

Just imagine the difference this will make to you and your team!

  • Have access to a dynamic & empowering team of experts offering ongoing support, insight, creativity & collaboration.
  • Experience the relief of knowing you’ll never run out of effective content (post) ideas again.
  • Free yourself from the frustration and aggravation of trying to do it on your own.
  • Gain clarity and razor-sharp focus on your unique message & strategy.
  • Get set up with a complete system for creating, filing, planning, pre-scheduling, publishing and measuring your unique social media strategy.
  • Save a ton of time, money and aggravation.
  • Grow your business. Get results!
  • Always have an authentic and encouraging voice in your corner.

Apply Now

If you’re still here, reading this far down the page, let’s see if it’s a fit.

Take a moment now to complete and send this quick application form to us and we’ll be in contact directly to explore the possibilities and answer any questions. No obligations. If it’s a fit for us both, we’ll find out and move forward. If not, that’s cool too! No worries either way.

Have questions? Call Lorna Gunning Fratschko at (519) 670-5480 or email

We think you can.

Talk soon!


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