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What is “No Schedule Man?”

I Am_No_Schedule_MAN-BLKAt first, “No Schedule Man” was just something funny uttered by an acquaintance. But the phrase stuck with me. It later became both a song lyric and album title. In the process of bringing the song, album and idea to life, the phrase “No Schedule Man” began to take on a life of its own.

Later on, in the aftermath of many seismic life changes in the years following the CD release, the whole idea of No Schedule Man became much more to me.

No Schedule Man is a wish; an aspiration; a reflection of reality with a hint of fantasy.

“Blue jeans, ball cap, ready to roll. All else …. beyond my control.”

CD front sampleLife has taught me that none of us truly know what’s next. None of us are really in total control, whether we choose to tell ourselves that we are or not. I’m learning that life does not always take you exactly where you wish to go. But it always takes you to exactly where you are and need to be. For better and worse. Good and bad. It’s all part of the deal.

Push and pull. Up and down. Yin and Yang.

“I am the waves and tide and wind, cause I blow in, then out again. Passing with nomadic chagrin …”

My idea of No Schedule Man is total acceptance of the inevitability of change, and the embrace of constant hum of the unknown, all while trying to live life, stay present and keep moving forward.

No plan is all part of the plan. It’s not the whole plan: You got to point the boat somewhere if you’re going to set sail. And if you’re ever going to reach a new destination, you better be ready to do some real work in the process.

But sometimes you have to change course. And if you fight too hard against the forces of nature, you’ll sink.

But, “no plan” is a very necessary part of achieving any goal or destination. Some times you just have to let go until it’s time to dig in again.

At this point in my life, No Schedule Man seems to represent all that I’ve done in work and in life and has become its own story, including a cast of characters of all the strange and wonderful people and experiences I continue to encounter along the way.

Perhaps you can relate?

Ultimately, I’ve found that the more I try to be like No Schedule Man and less like my original vision of constant drive, achievement and determination, the more life opens up to me. And the more I open up to life.

I already have everything I need. Yet, I know anything is possible if I’m willing to start, show up and do the work it takes to embark upon the journey.

Live in the moment. Stay present. Embrace change. Meet new people. Be inspired by real people; friends, neighbours, family members, co-workers and members of your community. Stay grounded.

We’ll get there when we get there. If we get there at all.

Either way, we’ll always have the journey.

Have a safe trip ….

– KB

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