When it comes to social media marketing …

… how familiar does this feel?

  • You’re really not sure what to say or how often to say it.
  • It feels like it’s going to take a lot more time & money than you can manage.
  • You don’t feel clear on what makes you unique and/or how to share it online.
  • The amount of choices and channels feels overwhelming. 
  • You know you don’t really have any actual proactive, measurable strategy.
  • You’re not sure how to make social media marketing grow your business.

Does it sometimes feel like too big a mountain to climb?

Well … we understand.

We’re here to help.

And we think you can.

All Aboard!
Little Engines - Social Media Marketing Support Program

Having worked with many dozens of advertising, marketing, and account managers in the marketing of our business across Canada, I can state with confidence that Kevin Bulmer has been the very best of that group. I have come to appreciate that Kevin uniquely understands small business marketing, and I would recommend that any small business owner listen carefully to his advice.

Scott HillFounder & CEO, Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! Canada’s Largest Sports Festival

Kevin is by far one of the most effective marketing people I have ever met.

Rick McKinnonOwner, Miami Car Wash & Detailing Centre

Kevin helped us to distill our key messages and then choose the right medium to communicate those messages to as many people in our target market as was possible with our budget. He understands the value of traditional, digital and guerilla marketing and was able to help us choose which to use when and how.

Kyla WoodcockFounder: Forest City Sport & Social Club

Any chance you get see this man in action, a wealth of knowledge! What impresses me most is his authentic soul ... you can mix business success with phenomenal relationships ... Kevin is the real deal folks!

Unstoppable Tracy SchmittGlobal Speaker & Best-Selling Author

In this era of ever-increasing competitive markets, Kevin Bulmer understands business branding and helped me steadily grow my client base and business.

John GoodwinBroker: Century 21 First Canadian Corp.

Kevin is an authentic, sincere gentleman who wants to help everyone. He embraces opportunity and serves those in his path.

Adelle RichardsOperations Manager at the Inn of The Good Shepherd

Who This Is For:

  • Solopreneurs and creative souls.
  • Smaller businesses, not-for-profits and community groups.
  • Sales reps & independent agents (e.g., car dealerships, insurance agents, real estate, financial, B2B).
  • Marketing managers and social media staff working mostly on their own who would like more support and a constant flow of creative ideas.

What this will do for you:

  • Help you stand out, connect and grow your business.
  • Never run out of social media content ideas again.
  • Save you enormous amounts of time.
  • Discover and share your unique voice, message and brand story.
  • Help you implement a simple, effective strategy that’s both manageable and measurable.
  • Relieve the pressure of having to come up with something to post.
  • Give you access to a community of coaches and fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs for encouragement, support and collaboration
  • Get the ongoing support and encouragement you deserve!
Two people celebrating

The “Little Engines” program gives you personal connection & attention, a library of resources to use at your own pace and access to ongoing support.

Here’s what it includes:

1:1 Discovery & coaching call with Kevin and/or a member of the NSM Brand Media team (45 – 60 mins)
1:1 Follow-up accountability & strategy call with Kevin and/or a member of the NSM Brand Media team (30 mins)
Access to periodic group video calls where members can get help with anything they’re working on and/or collaborate and connect with others.
Unlimited access to a library of video training sessions with over 12 hours of coaching + related worksheets.

Video session titles include:

  • What Do I Say? Vol. 1: 5 Tips For Creating Social Media Posts 
  • What Do I Say? Vol. 2: Five Questions For Creating Great Content
  • What Do I Say? Vol. 3: How to Make Your Ads More Effective
  • What Do I Say? Vol. 4: Tell Us WHY!
  • What Do I Say? Vol. 5: Five Tips For Connecting With Customers
  • Three Keys To Creating a Magnetic Brand Identity 
  • How To Create Your Brand Story, Pt. 1 – The Power of Words 
  • How To Create Your Brand Story, Pt. 2 – The Look & Feel 
  • Find More Ideal Clients – Four Simple Steps To Making More Sales
  • Get To The Point! The 4 Elements of an Irresistible Offer
  • Great Videos Made Easy, Pt. 1 – Three Pro Tips & No App Required
  • Great Videos Made Easy, Pt. 2 – The Story Formula
  • How To Connect & Grow On Linkedin
  • How To Create 5 Kinds of Online Content With 1 Conversation 
  • Which Social Media Channels Should You Use?
  • Introduction To Pre-Scheduling Social Media Posts
  • Website Musts – 3 Key Questions Too Often Overlooked
  • Facebook Page Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know
Bonus – You’ll be invited into our private online collaboration community where you’ll have 24/7 access to a growing global community of heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Your price today: $797 CDN  $397 CDN

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“I’m not very big. I have never been over the mountain. But I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And the Little Blue Engine hitched herself to the train.

– Watty Piper, The Little Engine That Could

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**This special offer pricing is effect only until October 29, 2021.**

Are you ready to get the support, encouragement and results you deserve?

Kevin, you changed my life. You helped me to basically build my brand, right from the logo to the marketing to the message. You transformed my business. I always say, your creativity always amazed me. There is magic in you.

Coach Rakesh Mishra

I really enjoy working with Kevin. He is so phenomenal; a very trustworthy, loving human being and I cannot say enough about him.

Nancy RoseUltimate U Mindset Solutions

Kevin will meet you exactly where you are in your business so you can take it to that next level that you know you're capable of. He helped me to realize that I needed to be the face of my business.

Dorman Baltazarwebreathe.ca

Kevin is just so down-to-earth. The tips he gave us were just great.

Elizabeth NicholasHERCS | Trenton MFRS

We Think You Can!