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Your Strategic Social Media Marketing and Content Creation Team

Social Media Marketing London Ontario _ NSM Brand MediaServing small-to-midsize businesses, NSM Brand Media is strategic social media marketing and content creation company.

We believe that your message matters most.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe every business, organization and individual has a unique and original voice that deserves celebrating and sharing. Differentiation and emotional connection come not just from what you do, how you do it or even why, but from who you uniquely are.

And yet, when it comes to communicating about what they do – especially in the online world – most in small-to-midsize business are not original or relatable at all. They’re copying or cloning what we’ve already heard or seen from someone else.

Why Message Matters Most

You know, they do call it social media.

And yet our experience shows us that, when it comes to social media, most in small-to-midsize business simply don’t know what to say. Beyond typical day-to-day “call-to-action” posts (which are not very social), they haven’t considered what their unique message is and how it serves to build a distinguishing, magnetic brand story of their own.

We’ll help you discover and share what your unique message is to help you stand out, connect and grow in the manner you deserve.

Anyone can sell or book more pay-per-click ads or advertising campaigns, but if the message doesn’t connect, the delivery method hardly matters. You’re just making more noise.

To get a much higher ROI out of your time and money, make your message work for you.

Think of Your Social Media Marketing Like a Good Sales Rep

Think of us as sort of social sales rep.

Consider: what does a good sales rep do?


  • Stay in touch.
  • Care.
  • Are consistent.
  • Are helpful.
  • Relate to their customers.
  • Don’t just show up only when they want something.
  • Meet the customer where they are and speak their language.
  • LISTEN to their customers.
  • Earn trust, referrals and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Build relationships. They don’t just run on a treadmill of transactions.
  • Help build profitable businesses.

What We’ll Do

As your social sales reps, we’ll co-create original and engaging content (video, photo, text, etc.) unique to you. We’ll strategically implement and measure it for you and add an element to your communication strategy that few others have.

We’re not necessarily talking about replacing your current marketing and advertising strategy. We’re looking to enhance it and make it more effective in the changing landscape of online options and social media communication tools.

It’s all about the organic integration of a unique voice, shareable content and direct interaction with current and potential customers that will set your business apart and drive profitable sales.

In the process, we will:

  • Use social / online tools to interact directly with current and potential customers.
  • Create a deeper emotional connection through ongoing, consistent social interaction with your customers.
  • Create & implement more relatable, engaging and consistent shareable content (video, photos, text, promotions, etc.) that gives your customers an opportunity to amplify your reach.
  • Turn more customers into cheerleaders.
  • Increase direct referrals & positive word-of-mouth.
  • Help you stand out in a way no one else in your industry does, having built a unique, magnetic personality and culture of communicating.
  • Create & activate unique & innovative customer experiences & promotional partnerships.


Our Services Include:

“3-for-1” Quantum Content Creation & Implementation 

Give us one day (or even a solid half-day) and we’ll give you 3 months’ worth of original, engaging content that is 100% unique to you. This will include video, photo, text-based content and branded imagery, all of which will be strategically produced, planned, implemented and activated for you. The most powerful of our content creation services, this one’s like magic trick … except it isn’t. It’s actually incredibly simple. We’ll show you.

Strategic Social Media Services

Not sure what to say or share or how to put a strategy together? Feeling afraid you’ll have to spend a lot more time and money to have an effective strategy? We can help you with that. It’s easier – and much less time-consuming – than you think.

Among the most-requested of these content creation services are:

  • Content calendar creation, collaboration and mind-mapping.
  • Customized social media management & implementation basics.
  • Copywriting to ensure effective and engaging brand story building.

Your Stories On Video (Video Production & Implementation)

If you can have a conversation with another human being, you can simply and effectively create engaging, shareable videos without ever even looking at the camera. We’ll show you how simple it is.

If you’re not regularly creating and sharing your own original video content, you’re getting left behind. Fast.


  • Original video results in greater engagement & retention rates.
  • Consistent use of video builds trust & stronger emotional connection.
  • Video increases conversions (sales).
  • Google loves video. The longer a visitors stays on your site, the more it builds search engine trust.
  • Video encourages social sharing (this is what we used to call “word-of-mouth” in the 20th century).
  • And best of all … it works for you. Engaging video allows you to make connections, add value and offer solutions without even being there, and unlike a traditional radio or TV ad, it doesn’t disappear forever after it’s played once.

Let’s Find The Right Fit For You

Contact us today to discuss your needs for social media marketing, original content creation, copywriting, video production and strategic implementation.

Put your new social sales rep to work and you’ll be standing out from your competitors in no time, connecting more deeply with customers and growing your business.

Let’s show them who you really are.

Social Media Marketing London Ontario _ NSM Brand Media

NSM Brand Media was founded by Kevin Bulmer, a certified life & executive coach and keynote speaker who specializes in mindset and strategic marketing for small-to-midsize business. He is the host of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man,” a podcast on heart-centered entrepreneurship, and has written and published two books: “Script Change: A Look at Unlearning & Rewriting Life” and “Stop! Your Marketing Message Sucks.

Kevin leads a global community of heart-centered entrepreneurs in his online coaching community, My REAL Success Pass.