Think of us as your social sales rep.

We build businesses by creating deeper relationships using online tools.

We believe every business, organization and individual has a unique and original voice that deserves celebrating and sharing. Differentiation and emotional connection come not just from what you do, how you do it or even why, but from who you uniquely are.

We’ll help you discover who that is, and then we’ll do the work to shape and share it so you can stand out, connect and grow your business in the manner you desire and deserve.

What We Offer:

a) Ongoing, service-based client work at the following levels:

  • Starter – For start-ups, solopreneuers, non-profits and smaller businesses with little-to-no social media strategy or consistency.
  • Standard (Your Social Sales Rep) – For established businesses who need a more consistent and comprehensive social media presence and want to interact directly and consistently with current and potential customers.
  • Elite (Your Social Sales Team) – Multi-faceted integration + management & measurement of paid ad campaigns.

b) Project-based work, including:

  • “3-for-1” Quantum Content Creation Programs – Give us one day and we’ll give you three months’ worth of new, original, engaging video, photo & text-based content. Watch this video to learn more (or scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • Your Stories, On Video – If you can have a conversation with another person, you can easily create a series of original, engaging videos. We’ll show you.
  • Strategic Consulting Engagements – Not sure what to say or share or how to put a strategy together? Feeling afraid you’ll have to spend a lot more time and money to have an effective strategy? We can help you with that. It’s easier (and much less time-consuming) than you think.
  • Custom copywriting, photo & basic graphic design 

What We’ll Do

It’s all about the organic integration of a unique voice, shareable content and direct interaction with current and potential customers that will set your business apart and drive profitable sales.

In the process, we will:

  • Use a variety of online tools to interact directly & consistently with current and potential customers to create a deeper emotional connection.
  • Create & implement more engaging and shareable content that gives you the opportunity for your customers to amplify your reach.
  • Turn more people into cheerleaders for you, resulting in an increase in direct referrals & positive word-of-mouth.
  • Help you stand out in a way no one else in your industry does.
  • Grow your business.

By the way, we’re not necessarily talking about replacing your current marketing and advertising strategy (though we can discuss that if you like). We’re looking to enhance it and make it more effective in the changing landscape of online options and social media communication tools.

NSM Brand Media - Smartphone
NSM Brand Media - people on their smartphones
NSM Brand Media - Group Collaboration
NSM Brand Media - Cheerleaders

Let’s Find The Right Fit For You

Let’s discuss your needs for social media marketing, original content creation, copywriting, video production and strategic implementation.

Put your new social sales rep to work and you’ll be standing out from your competitors in no time, connecting more deeply with customers and growing your business.

NSM Brand Media was founded by Kevin Bulmer, a certified life & executive coach and keynote speaker who specializes in mindset and strategic marketing for small-to-midsize business. He is the host of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man,” a podcast on heart-centered entrepreneurship, and has written and published two books: “Script Change: A Look at Unlearning & Rewriting Life” and “Stop! Your Marketing Message Sucks.

Kevin leads a global community of heart-centered entrepreneurs in his online coaching community, My REAL Success Pass.