Are you using social media on behalf of your business, or feel like you could be? Or should be? Cool.

What’s your plan?

What’s your system?

What’s your strategy?

What’s your message?

Who’s your message for?

How (and how often) are you delivering it?

… and why would they care?

We’re here to make this simple for you.

Social media is just a communication tool. That’s all. You and your team simply need to know how to use the tool to build your business.

This’ll do the trick.

Over the last many years, Kevin and the team from NSM Brand Media have created, published and tracked the analytics on tens of thousands of pieces of social media content for clients ranging from solopreneurs up to mid-size business with multiple locations.

Now you can learn what they’ve learned – and take the system they’ve created to keep it all organized – within a few hours.

Going in, the kinds of questions we hear all the time include:

  • What should you be posting? When? How often? What should it say? How should it look?
  • What type of content works best for businesses to connect with real people? (Hint: it’s almost laughably obvious, yet almost no one is doing it)
  • Which channel(s) should you be using? Why (or why not)?
  • How many new “followers” will you need? How do you get them to follow you?
  • How do you go “viral?” Do you need to?
  • Do you have to become an “influencer,” share pictures of your food, your cats or document your entire life?
  • Even if you have a strategy and plan, how do you implement it without spending a ton of extra time or money?
  • Is it all just a necessary evil or can you actually use social media in a practical and strategic way to actually grow your business?

You’ll leave this half-day training session with a foolproof plan, system and strategy to build your business using social media including the following:

  • Discovering what really makes you unique and how to connect with your ideal customers using social media in a way they’ll find meaningful.
  • Uncovering an endless goldmine of effective messaging and content ideas that you didn’t even know you had in you.
  • Fully discovering & learning how to implement your unique brand story and strategy.
  • Determining what your specific posting strategy should be, which content topics and types work best for you, which channels to use and how often to post.
  • Learning how to implement a turn-key planning, filing, pre-scheduling & measuring system to help keep you organized and effective.
  • Taking all our templates, tools, spreadsheets, tips & tricks for making it as simple and easy as possible.
  • Seeing how to use a few simple tools that will save you a ton of time and money.
  • Receiving ongoing support, encouragement and collaboration from Kevin and a community of fellow entrepreneurs!
How to Achieve REAL Success with Social Media for Small Business
How to Achieve REAL Success with Social Media for Small Business

They actually make online marketing FUN! We’ve had a number of new customers over the past months that are directly related to the work Kevin and his team have done. If you are running a small business and need help with social media and online marketing, look no further. Highly recommended!!!

Paul NuyensDorchester Pet Care & Supply

“I truly enjoyed Kevin’s workshop. You can feel how much he truly cares about the success of his clients. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you are ready to stand out from your competitors, your next step is to give his team a call TODAY!”

Monique SmithSmith Enterprises

“I heard Kevin speak at a local business event. He is passionate and charismatic. The information that he shared was very easy to understand, relatable and helpful.”

Natalie FrancisFounder at Seven Consulting

I had been making videos, poor ones, and wanted to up my game but at the same time remain personable. I couldn't be happier! My social media presence has never been better and the team is always willing play back and forth with ideas. Love these guys!!!

Melanie PearceRoyal Lepage

"What can I say about working with Kevin and what the NSM Brand Media has meant for me personally and professionally...... hmm 🤔 we’ll let me start and I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. The GAS factor ... (give a s*** ... for those not familiar with the term) ... that Kevin & the NSM Brand Media group brings to the table is second to NONE!!

I’ve never felt so safe. I’ve never felt so loved. I’ve never felt so confident. His ability to connect and to care are incredibly evident In everything he does and he’s a joy to be around."

Mark WitloxOwner, Witlox Automotive

Kevin and his team at NSM Brand Media have delivered over and above what they've promised and it's a true pleasure to work with them. I always feel valued, understood, and supported. The attention to details has been most appreciated. The monthly reports help me so much to see how far reaching my social media channels are having. I've witnessed incredible amounts of growth on all of my social media platforms since working with NSM Brand Media and I'm truly grateful for their expertise in this area!

Nancy RoseOwner, Ultimate U Transformations

"NSM Brand Media has transformed our social media presence since coming onboard with us. Our clients are now finding things out about our company and team members that they never knew and now understanding us better on a personal level, not just business. This is all because of Kevin's up front and continued hard work. NSM Brand Media continue to create content that we would have never thought of."

Ryan MulliganBroker of Record, Mulligan Realty Group

I have been more than impressed with NSM Brand Media in regards to keeping us informed and outperforming all measurables promised. Kevin and his team are a delight to watch as they extract the best out of everyone they talk to. Kevin and Mel work together like a finely tuned instrument and always deliver beyond expectations!

Chris PeischlStrickland's

"In simple words, as I always tell people about Kevin, that he is simply magical in his approach and creativity to figure out what is the missing link to enhance your brand and focus on that with the precise tracking mechanism. His skills and vision to repurpose content is simply amazing. He is a true creative genius and on top of that I simply adore his compassion towards humanity."

Coach Rakesh MishraKeynote Speaker & Coach

Ask us about complimenting this session with access to our online program and inclusion in Kevin’s private online community so that you can stay in touch and continue to receive ongoing support.

Want help with creating the content too? Ask us about the “Content Creation Day” photo & video shoot follow-up session. It’s available only after creating the initial training session outlined above.

How to Achieve REAL Success with Social Media for Small Business


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