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Bulmer on Business, Vol. 2: Opportunity & the Right People

By March 25, 20142 Comments

I’ve seen a common theme from the clients I’ve visited over the past while: good people that are strapped for time, finding it a challenge to engage more of the right people to help grow or get the most out of their business.

And when I say, “the right people,” I mean much more than just employees. Opportunity is everywhere for those who are willing to look.

InvoiceI know from experience that when you own and operate a small business, you live, breathe, eat and sleep all aspects of it. It truly is all-consuming. There is very little that is glamorous about the lifestyle. It is a grind. There is no moaning about “the boss,” because you’re it. There is no room for leaving things undone, because you’ll only be leaving them for yourself to deal with later. Sure, you may have employees, but just as you may depend on them to help with the day-to-day operation of the company, they depend upon you for literally everything else: leadership, work environment, training, safety, compensation, structure, opportunity, direction and so much more.

Beyond that is a web of other service providers crucial to keeping a business on track: accountants, lawyers, inspectors, bankers, landlords, government and city representatives and supplier reps, among others.

Stickmen successFind the right person who really understands you and your business in one of these roles, and you can get a lot of things done. But the wrong person can often hold things up, and even grind certain processes to a full stop.

Typically, the “right person” has empathy and understanding for others and their reality. They are proactive, resourceful and resilient. They take 100 percent responsibility for themselves. They present solutions instead of problems. They look for a win-win scenario in every situation without fail. And, like anyone else should, when they realize the scales are tipped into a win-lose proposition for either party, they keep to integrity and move along.

955464_43530886In order to carry forward in business, we must rely on other people. No one can get the train up the hill by themselves. But you have to find the right people. And you also have to be willing to move on without the wrong people. Have the trust in yourself to know the difference, and the discipline to act upon it.

I see it almost every day: there are so many good, hard-working entrepreneurs out there driving our economy and looking for help in all aspects. They need more of the right people in their world. Can you be one of them?

In all cases, there is more opportunity out there than you may think.


  • Rick McKinnon says:

    Our Marketing guy is one that always shows up with with challenging ideas and thought provoking questions. Thanks Kevin for your involvement in our success over the years, pushing us to consider perspectives we may have never considered.

    I was always taught you keep climbing ladders until you get to where you need to be. If one doesn’t get you there, try another. The answer is there, you just have to find it. Never fall victim to defeat, ever.

  • No Schedule Man says:

    Thanks Rick! Good feedback. Keep climbing 🙂

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