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Catch a Wave

By May 2, 2011No Comments

Spring is (sort of) here in Southwestern Ontario. Though it’s been tough to dodge the raindrops, the sun has shone enough to get the motorcycles back out on the streets. And I like to see that, partly because I have many motorcycling friends.

But mostly because I like how they wave at each other.

Ever notice that? When motorcyclists are passing in opposite directions, they almost always take one hand off the handlebars and offer a very subtle wave to the passing rider, as if to say, “I see you. I’m with you. Enjoy the ride and stay safe.”

I love that. When I follow one of those subtle salutes in my car, I get the urge to wave too. I want to be a part of the brethren. I want to say, “I see you. I’m with you. Enjoy the ride and stay safe.” I like seeing people who would otherwise be strangers show a sign – any sign – of togetherness like that.

Here’s another example: when I wear any kind of clothes with the Toronto Maple Leafs’ symbol on it, people talk to me. Perhaps there’s another cultural phenomenon where you live similar to that. Here, it’s hockey. I sometimes get it when I wear Detroit Tigers gear, but when I have Leafs stuff on, someone I don’t know will approach me. Guaranteed. They may say something to voice their support, or they may make a joke at my expense. But they’ll talk to me.

You see the trend here?

People will approach – or offer a courteous wave toward – other people when they sense some kind of commonality. It makes sense. But I wonder: isn’t the fact that we’re all human commonality enough? Can’t we take on faith that each of us have ups, downs, trials, tribulations and that we’re all basically searching for pretty much the same thing: happiness?

I don’t ride a motorcycle. And truth be told, I wear my Maple Leafs’ gear only occasionally.

But I’m waving anyway. In spirit at least. I don’t care who you are. If you’re reading this, you’re human. And that’s enough.

I see you. I’m with you.

Enjoy the ride and stay safe.

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