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Asking me to hang around a music store is like inviting a sugar addict to make himself comfortable at Willy Wonka’s factory. Luckily, when I was at Grooves Records in London the other day, I was immediately put to work amidst a tight schedule that did not permit me to linger after the work was done, so what little is left in my wallet is still intact.

But I sure enjoyed being there.

Grooves Records is an old-style music shop in London, Ontario. They have actual records (I mean LPs – vinyl). They also offer their customers a wonderfully diverse mix of musical choices that you won’t find many other places anymore. From international superstars to local independent artists like me, they’re all there. All styles and tastes are represented. Used, new, hot, obscure: all are welcome.

Though I am a lover of all kinds of music, even I have fallen prey to the convenience of the iPod era. I still buy CDs from the artists that mean the most to me, but before I arrived at Grooves last Saturday, I didn’t realize that I’d lost touch with the simple pleasure of browsing through stacks and stacks of different kinds of music. It was a treat to watch people do just that while I sat a happily sang some songs for them. There is a wonderful sense of community and friendship in an environment like that. I pray we don’t lose touch with that.

With Troy at Grooves Records.

With Troy at Grooves Records.

Prior to Saturday, I’ve not had my guitar out in a while. I was pleased to find that I felt right at home doing some songs at Grooves Records. I played 18 songs, with a mix of material from my “No Schedule Man” and “I Remember” CDs, some of my favourite cover songs to play and even a few that have not yet been released (though I’m working on correcting that). Those who listened seemed appreciative and for that I’m grateful.

Many thanks to Troy, Andy and the good people at Grooves Records for a fun couple of hours. Good folks, all. If you like music, go visit them at 353 Clarence Street in London. I, for one, will be going back.

And I’ll bring my credit card.

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