Script Change: A Look At Unlearning & Rewriting Life



Have you ever reached a point in your life when you realize that you’ve been following people who aren’t really sure where they’re going and listening to people who don’t have much of value to say? It can be both a lonely and an empowering place to be.

At such a crossroads, what remains is to consider a different perspective and make the leap into taking responsibility for ourselves and trusting our own judgement. That often means going “off-script.”

So many of us were raised with the idea that there is a “right way” to live life; a sort of “life script” that we’re supposed to follow to ensure that everything will be okay, everyone will approve and we’ll all live happily ever after.

Turns out that’s nonsense.

If there is a script to life, we need to take a more active hand in writing it ourselves. After all, we’re not likely to find our treasure by following someone else’s map.

This book is a collection of observations, questions and realizations that have come to the author at (what he hopes is) mid-life.

Having  learned a lot in his first 40+ years, he’s now actively trying to unlearn much of it and write the rest of his script in a way that’s more aligned with who he really is. Along the way, he hopes his example will encourage you to do the same.

By Kevin Bulmer

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