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Recording Journal, Vol. 10: “Everything’s Just Fine”

By August 31, 2009No Comments

KG and I started on two more songs last week. We put together a rhythm track for an acoustic food-tapper called “Everything’s Just Fine.” It’s a song I wrote almost exactly five years ago. I’ve performed it live a handful of times with both Dave Cook and with KG. As we were working on it, the thought occurred to me that perhaps it should be the song that starts off the CD.

Then, patience, I told myself. Time will show. Those decisions can be made later.

Next, we started on a song called “Sunny Day in November” which KG seemed to like very much. The tune is fairly upbeat and played in a major key, yet it has a somewhat unique mix of melancholy and warmth that gives the song an interesting texture. You could say that “Sunny Day” is a story of the nobility of defiance in the face of certain defeat, and the resolve it takes to know you’ll one day play – and win — again. I guess you could say it’s a song about patience, though I never really thought of that until just now.

I remember writing “Sunny Day in November.” I had the tune before I had the words, and I had to wait a long time for the lyrics to come to me. Perhaps patience crept into the song by osmosis.

We’ve worked up the structure of seven songs so far. Only a handful to go to have an album’s worth. Soon, I’ll have to put guitar parts and vocals on the songs. But I’m looking forward to that challenge. I keep telling myself that, when the time comes, I’ll be ready. Until then, I can wait.

I think.

– Kevin

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