Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal Vol. 14: “Four Things”

By September 30, 2009No Comments

It’s Wednesday night. I’m sitting here doing four things:

1 – Writing this journal
2 – Keeping the Kleenex companies in business while I fight a cold
3 – Listening to Aerosmith’s “Nine Lives” CD
4 – “Watching” the progress of the Tigers’ game against those pesky Twins … on the computer

It’s a sad state of affairs when, here in London only two hours away from Detroit, we can’t even hear the Tiger games on the radio. And for the first time in four seasons, I decided I’d rather have my money than the extra cable sports package that lets me see all the games. But right now, I kind of wish I could see it. Instead, I’m watching the updates flash onto the screen on a nifty little feature called “Gameday” on the Tigers official site.

By the way – and I don’t mean any offense to the folks in Minnesota (I’ve been there and loved the place) – the Twins are a real pain in butt and I wish they would go away. As I write, the Tigers are up 4-2 but it’s only the fourth inning so it doesn’t mean much yet.

As far as progress on the song front goes, there’s not much to write. KG and I haven’t worked on anything in well over a week. In fact, to tell you the truth, my guitar is still sitting in its case, exactly where I left it when I came back from a session at Kev’s place nine days ago. So what’s kept me from working on the tunes? Well …

  • An appearance at a BX 93 event
  • “Meet the Teacher” night with my oldest boy, who is in grade one
  • The first soccer night for my youngest boy
  • A full day at Delaware Speedway, representing CPT Entertainment for their last event
  • The first soccer morning for my oldest boy
  • Groceries, errands, laundry and watching as much of the PGA Tour Championship as I could
  • Radio
  • Prepping for the London International Travel Show
  • Shopping for Stars Wars figures in the brief window while I have both my kids temporarily convinced they like it
  • Most recently, a cold that knocked me on my butt to start this week, resulting in the cancellation of a scheduled music session

Other than that, nothing’s up.

I did get to KG’s earlier today though, but on CPT business this time. Once again, we collaborated on some radio ads, writing and producing the original music and then writing and recording the script for our London International Travel Show commercials which will hit the airwaves next week. As always, we got the job done but also managed to slip some great laughs in between. That seems to happen when we get together.

Meantime, a piece of good news is that the new CD from David Francey and Mike Ford, “Seaway”, is apparently complete. I ordered my copy from Francey’s site yesterday. Now I’ll have a reason to look forward to opening the mailbox sometime in the next couple of weeks.

And, with a little luck, maybe some Tiger playoff games too.

– Kevin

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