Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal Vol. 16: “Happy Thanksgiving”

By October 11, 2009No Comments

This was another decent week as far as progress on our music project goes. Monday night, we tore “Orlando” down to nothing and built it back up again. I had never been sold on the sounds we’d put into it out of the starting gates and, after leaving it some weeks and putting it in context with the other songs, KG agreed. So we scrapped it. The good news is that we like what we did following that, and I feel good about where it’s going.

Following that, we sat and listened through all the songs and were quite pleased with what we heard. The songs are there; it’s just up to us to get a decent performance down for the record. I’m sure we will.

The second session of the week was split mostly between working on “Bagley Avenue” and some general discussion. From here, it’s likely that we’ll just play through the songs together a number of times and then, when we feel comfortable, we’ll roll tape and capture ‘em for all time. What we have now are basically reference tracks (in cinema, they’d call them “animatics”). In other words, we will re-record everything we’ve done so far. But at least we’re happy with the tempos, keys, arrangements and tone of each of the songs, and that’s half the battle.

I am growing more excited about this project by the day. I can even see some of the cover art in my mind’s eye, and it’s likely that I’ll start to work on that in the weeks to come. I’m looking forward to it.

Meantime, there won’t be any progress this coming week. My company, CPT Entertainment, is hosting our first-ever London International Travel Show in less than a week. My efforts will be devoted almost completely to that event. And I’m quite excited about it too. We’ve worked hard for a long time and I’m proud of my team. I hope we get the results that will make my guys proud. They deserve it considering the work they’ve done.

As for other news, my two sons are both in the middle of a “Star Wars” kick. One of them is even going to be a Clone Trooper for Hallowe’en (he put on the outfit today and it was a hoot). I confess I love it. I’m even watching the animated Clone Wars show because my three-year-old will sit and watch it with me. When your three-year-old tugs on your leg and says, “Let’s watch Star Wars Daddy!” what are you supposed to say? I tell you what: you say, “Sure!”

It’s fun. I was three years old when the first Star Wars film was released. Who’d have guessed that my kids – 32 years later – would be interested in the same stuff. Fun.

Another fun thing that came earlier in the week was the Detroit Tigers’ one-game playoff against Minnesota. Though the Tigers ultimately lost the game, it proved to be one of the best baseball matches (maybe the best) I’ve ever seen. It was made better by the constant email exchange between me and my good pals Jimmy and Bubba. It amounted to a live chat through the entire game, and was an example of the good things about this online world in which we live. I was sorry when it ended.

At the moment, I am “watching” golf’s President Cup, which I recorded earlier on my PVR (those from the USA would call it a “DVR”). So please don’t tell me what happens!

Oh: one more thing. I saw the end of the race today. Good for Jimmie Johnson. But … NASCAR, please! Enough with that track in California! One race a year is more than enough. Snooooooooooooze. See you when they get back to Martinsville.

Sorry  – second more thing. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian brothers and sisters. And peace and happiness to everyone else.

– Kevin

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