Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal, Vol. 28: “Focus?”

By January 10, 2010No Comments

With my company’s next major trade show now only six days away, it occurs to me how ridiculous my definition of “focus” has become. For instance, knowing that I must set a few things aside until after we’re done with our event, over the last week I have knowingly “focused” on the following tasks:

Management, delegation, creation, sales, promotion, marketing , implementation and execution – along with my teammates – of our company’s (CPT Entertainment Inc.) major trade show (the CPT Racing Experience); Identification, creation and implementation of Delaware Speedway’s strategic market plan for the 2010 season (just wait’ll you see what’s coming); continued preparation and execution of the BX 93 evening show five days a week; and, most importantly, being as good a husband and father as I can possibly be.

Left out of the above scenario is, of course, music, along with any other development of our music project (artwork, booking gigs, creating merchandise, etc). Also absent are necessary tasks such as reading, sleeping and the always necessary activity known as “goofing off,” not to mention any other aspect of CPT Entertainment, and there are many.

My favourite radio host (and about the only radio personality I can listen to and truly enjoy anymore), Colin Cowherd (ESPN), will often encourage listeners to “say it out loud” when they’re considering or trying to evaluate something. Just say it out loud, he’ll say, and see how it sounds.

Given what I’ve written on how I’ve “narrowed my focus,” I think that what I’ve said out loud sounds completely ridiculous. But such is the life I’ve created, and I am grateful for it. I just need to manage it better I suppose.

The music project, achingly, is on hold at the moment. The clock continues to tick at seven months and counting. It is maddening. So close, yet so far away. But our time will come. I at least have learned enough patience to know that.

While I am toiling with my CPT duties running overtime, KG continues to try and pick back up from the Christmas Eve break-in, and re-construct the “real” control room at his studio (we’d previously been working from a make-shift temporary control panel along with his “real” vocal booth). Perhaps it’s a sign that the timing is exactly how it should be. I suppose I’ve no choice but to take that point of view, unless I wish to become frustrated, scattered in thought and more anxious than I already am (which is plenty).

And so, though it currently feels as if it will take forever, I realize that the next seven days will be gone in the blink of an eye. And the next time I write, CPT’s next trade show will be referred to in past tense, no matter how it turns out, for better and for worse. And I will come out of it ready to get back to the studio. And KG will land with his feet on the ground and be ready to finish this project once and for all.

And then the real work begins.

Bring it.

– Kevin

PS – Thanks to my buddy Derek for lending me “The Coffin Dancer” by Jeffery Deaver. It was the most enjoyable read in a while. Currently, I am enjoying a “Spenser” story by Robert B. Parker. My dad says they’re fun. He’s right. He usually is.

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