Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal, Vol. 33: “Movin’ Right Along”

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Presently I am listening to Will Kimbrough’s “Another Train.” It is such a great melody, it makes me feel like running around the block and howling at the moon.

But I digress.

I am pleased to report that KG and I are once again ripping it up. We pushed through three recording sessions this week, our first since prior to Christmas. Kev is doing well and his studio is up and running and that = renewed momentum for us.

This week, KG made me sing the song “Orlando” until I was ready to puke. Monday? Orlando. Tuesday? Orlando. Friday? Orlando. Good thing I like the song, otherwise I’d never want to go to that city again.

In fairness, Kev is just trying to get the best out of me. That’s a tough job, because there’s not much to “get.” But I am doing my best. I figure that’s all I can do, and then next time I’ll do better. I suppose time will tell.

In between multiple vocal takes of “Orlando,” I also sang six or seven takes of “No Schedule Man” on Tuesday night. I fear KG is going to ask me to sing it again this coming Tuesday, but if he does I’ll know it’s because he’s trying to get the best out of me

Or possibly he’s trying to torture me.

We also got the guitar recorded for the song “Hope Over Hurt” this week. I’m relieved to be able to say that as I had been stressing a little bit over the potential for me to kack that song. But if Kev thinks it’s good enough, then I’m satisfied. So we’ll move on to singing it next.

Meantime, there are all sorts of “behind the scenes” things going on. This week I met with the venue owner of the place where we’ll probably do our CD release. I also got “No Schedule Man” registered on CD Baby with a tentative release date of June 15th. That was done so I could get the bar code to put on the CD artwork, which I delivered to my great good pal Jeff from CPT Entertainment so that he can help me with that end of it.

Work has also been done on creating some “No Schedule Man,” “Kevin Bulmer Enterprises” and “Hope Over Hurt” merchandise and I look forward to sharing news of that with you soon.

A very special thanks goes to all those who have already voiced their support. I am grateful beyond words. It truly feels as though you are willing this train up the hill so that KG and I may take our ideas of hope and togetherness to the streets and try to make whatever positive difference we can. Thank you so very much.

In other important news, I enjoyed watching Canada’s men’s hockey team win the Olympic gold medal the other day with my mates Ken Alward and Grandpa Big Dog, along with my two boys. Both my kids are excited about hockey and I’m doing little to discourage them. Playing out on the driveway is great fun and brings back wonderful memories.

In fact, just last night I took my three-year-old pal to his first-ever hockey game, an OHL tilt won by our London Knights, 5-2 over Kitchener. Great times. Lucky dad.

As for music, we started this project last June. We are poised to finally share it this coming June. To say that I am proud would be a ridiculous understatement.

You’ll be hearing from us.

Be good,

– Kevin

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