Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal Vol. 34: “Another Good Week”

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Things seem to be moving along quickly. It’s been two weeks since I stepped aside from my role as weeknight host at BX93 radio and I’ve had no trouble at all filling the time. In fact, the challenge is to not let the cup “runneth over” yet again.

When you’re having fun, it’s hard to know when to say when.

It is Friday night and I suppose I should be full of vim and vigour and looking for excitement. Instead, I’m stifling yawns between sentences. I find that I get more than my fill of challenge and excitement through the week. I’m tired. I will be quite content to finish off this entry and then retire to my couch to watch the final period of our London Knights (OHL hockey) against Windsor’s Spitfires (after two periods, the bad guys are ahead 1-0). After that, a late winter’s nap sounds quite nice. I’m sure the world can spin around without me if I decide to retire early.

KG (Kevin Gorman) and I have made some good progress on the “No Schedule Man” CD since I last wrote. We’ve now captured the lead vocals for all tracks, having recorded several takes for what figures to be the lead track, “Hope Over Hurt,” earlier this week. We then continued on into recording our first round of harmony vocals and have added some layering to “Awake (But Not Alive),” “No Schedule Man” and “Bagley Avenue.” Already those songs are starting to “pop” more. It’s amazing what a little harmony will do if it’s done well and in the right places. It’s one of the things I think people will notice when they hear the record, and that’ll be largely because of KG’s ear for harmony and talent for helping me put my ideas into something that actually sounds good.

A fun part of working out the backing vocals is deciding who should sing them. Interestingly, KG and seem to naturally agree without ever having discussed it. There are some songs where it seems obvious that his voice would be the natural fit, and some where we both agree that I should do it. Then there are others that require three or four-part harmony. Those could all be done by the same voice or be a mix of voices. It all depends on the sound you’re looking for.

And then there is the stuff that KG and I cannot do without help. We both agree that we need and want a female voice for certain parts in songs like “Hope Over Hurt,” “Kevin’s Prayer,” “Awake (But Not Alive)” and maybe even “Orlando.” Luckily, we’ve got several good options in terms of talented people to bring in to help out.

I’ve been in touch with one talented young lady I hope to have sing on the CD in two particular spots. I’ve been hearing her voice on those songs in my mind for months and it would be neat if she can do it. I’ll let you know later on whether it happens and, if so, if it works out or not.

When I’ve not been at the studio, KG has been working hard at editing, mixing and re-recording parts of his (piano, percussion, etc). It’s an enormous amount of work and he’s doing such a great job. It will be a wonderful celebration for us both once the CD is actually finished. I cannot begin to express how truly grateful I am for the chance to collaborate with Kev. It is a privilege.

Away from the studio, a lot of the critical “behind the scenes” work is on-going. CD artwork is being worked out. Duplication company quotes are coming in. Promotional calls are going out (and coming back in). Websites are being developed (Reverb Nation profile) and re-worked ( Merchandise is being designed. New logos, images and texts are being created for promotional use. And of course, the CD release event plans are moving forward.

After chipping away at this very steadily a time or two a week for the last nine months, it is suddenly all feeling very real. And it’s a hoot.

I’d love to have you come along for the ride. Please feel welcome to visit my new, still-under-construction profile at Reverb Nation (

Meantime, KG and I will keep chipping away. We’re up to number 3 on the Reverb Nation Folk chart for this area, and all the way up to 1,188th in the world (all together now: “We’re 1,188th! We’re 1,188th!). Imagine what could happen when we actually have some new music to share and start playing real live shows again?

We’ll be featured on the Local Spotlight on CKXS FM (99.1) Radio in Wallaceburg the week of April 26, culminated by a live in-studio interview and performance on the 30th. We expect to have a new single or two out for that time, which would also be a great chance to launch our “Street Team,” which will happen soon.

And of course, we’ve got a CD release show to plan. Experience tells me that’ll be here sooner than I think.

Anyway, the Knights just tied the game (now 1-1 in the third). Best go grab some couch and see if the lads can make it 100 points on the season for the sixth time in seven years. Quite remarkable, really.

You never know what you can achieve once you set your mind to it.

Be well,


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