Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal, Vol. 8: “Going Slowly”

By August 3, 2009No Comments

Things are going slowly. While KG continues to renovate and rebuild his new studio, he also suffered an important keyboard malfunction this week. Meantime, I’ve got so many other priorities that are simply higher on the list than the music.

A pity.

Our sole progress this week (other than a little discussion) was a re-ghost of the acoustic guitar on “No Schedule Man,” which has changed somewhat given the rhythm we’ve put to it. And that’s it.

We’re very close to the point where we could and should just zero in on a few songs and grind them out until they’re close to finished. But I don’t know when we’re ever going to have the time. So, this has become an exercise in patience, which is not my strongest quality. This will be a good learning experience, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I decided to comb through binders of old song lyrics the other night and I was quite pleased with what I found. So many songs that I’d long since forgotten are sitting and collecting dust. The thought occurred to me that I could make some acoustic demos of some of them for posting something more current on MySpace, as well as for practice in recording the project with KG. We’ll see. The struggle, there again, is time.

Matters have not been helped by a week racked by insomnia. Three times this week I’ve been up almost all night. Twice, I read until my book was finished (one was “Prey” by Michael Crichton and the other was “Roses are Red” by James Patterson) and the third time, I turned on the TV (a sign that I was truly desperate to numb my brain) and found a show called “Ghost Hunters” on the Outdoor Living Network. It was interesting enough, I guess, but I’d rather have been asleep.

The lone other thing of music-related note from this past week was that I wrote lyrics to a new song for the first time in quite a while. Oddly, the words came to me while I was driving from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for someone who had a medicine to fill a prescription for my youngest son. The key lines in the song?

“Feeling dead on my feet, I just wanna’ dream
But somehow the sleep won’t come”

– Kevin

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